If you ever come to Estonia, or if you live here, then summer + Pärnu is a match like no other. The summer capital city with its beautiful beach, idyllic cafes, lots of different events & happy people is a vibe you don't want to miss. Which is why whenever we get a chance, we always go to Pärnu, even if it's just for the weekend! And last weekend was not an exception😉

As soon as I see that the weather is warm & sunny in Pärnu and we don't have any plans made, I always start looking for a place to stay there. But booking an apartment or getting a hotel room during the weekend in Pärnu can be a struggle, trust me. Our fav hotel Hedon Spa, that looks stunning and is situated right at the beach, was already sold out (which is not a surprise cause it's a favorite for lots of people for a reason!), but luckily I discovered from their website that they now also have apartments for rent which was amazing news😍

Rannakivi Residence, their apartment complex only 30 metres away from the waterline and a walk away from the beach area and the city centre. They have twelve 1-3 room apartments altogether in this building, suitable for 2-8 people, so whether you're going to Pärnu for a nice getaway with your spouse, want to have a little vacation with your family or going for the weekend with your friends - there's options for everyone!

We decided to try it out right away and stayed at an apartment called Seawind last weekend, which is a 2-room apartment with a huge private terrace overlooking the magical sunset and their famous marina. It was beautifully designed, modern and had everything you'd need for a nice stay. Plus the bed was super comfortable and pillows + sheets were hotel quality👌 I  was very impressed with the whole stay and the apartment in general - it was kind of a perfect mix of hotel and a rental. But I wouldn't expect anything less from the creators of Hedon Spa and I definitely didn't have to be disappointed! All in all - super impressed and certainly going back + suggest you to do the same next time you're planning a trip to Pärnu💯

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