black white minimalist living room interior


black marble table black velvet couch livingroom

dining table strelitzia nicolai flos aim lamp cowhide rug

black gold modern kitchen

white silk rug black marble table

coffee table books cupboard decoration

white banana silk rug black velvet couch marble table

white silk rug black marble table black velvet sofa livingroom interior

I believe it's safe to say that all this staying at home 24/7 has turned me into an interior stylist & has really made me mix up our entire apartment by refreshing all the rooms one after the other. Richard's already afraid to hear what idea I'll come up with next🙈💯

And so, without any further ado, as you might already have guessed from the caption + above photo, it was time to update our living room (see the old version here)😜 To be honest with you, there was not much we could do furniture-wise cause we didn't want to change the couch, kitchen cabinets or dining table - and these three make the most of the room. But there's still a lot you can change in the overall look by playing with colors, mixing up a few pieces of accessories or adding something completely new to the room! Our plan was to add some new accessories like a vintage bar cart, a decorative fireplace and a vintage mirror. Which are all the things I'd have to physically look for and so can't really do that while staying at home. So we decided to start with the one thing that makes the biggest change & effect in the overall look and that is changing the living room rug.

I wanted a very simple yet high quality white carpet that would feel super soft under the feet yet still match our minimalist interior. And after a bit of online searching we found the perfect one from Vepsäläinen - a Finnish interior store specialised in design furniture from Scandinavian and European brands. I always love to go to their store, whether it is to buy something or to just gather inspiration cause their shop is full of amazing design pieces! Everything and anything from couches, tables, chairs, beds, rugs, lamps, decorative accessories etc.

So it was no surprise we would find the perfect rug for our taste from Vepsäläinen. The rug itself is by a Swedish brand called Furninova, which is mostly known for their timeless adjustable & comfortable couches, but they also carry a big selection of area rugs to compliment the sofas. The model of the beautiful rug we chose for our living room is called Densy. It comes in lots of different natural colors, we went with the white one, but I also absolutely loved the pink & grey ones👌

What's special about this carpet is that it is handmade of banana silk, which gives the rug a silky shine yet the price point is a lot lower than a real silk one. Needless to say I'm very pleased with the end result and updating our living room by changing the rug was the right choice as it gave a completely new vibe to the room, made it look bigger and the ceilings appear higher and I'm so-so happy with our 'new' living room😍