With the International Women's Day just around the corner let's get on to the subject of Rosé champagne. And more specifically pairing champagne with food, because Women's Day is a great excuse to have a #RoseAllDay moment, but girls gotta eat too, right😜🙌

And don't you agree that the whole going to a restaurant full of couples for a romantic dinner on those  days like Valentine's or Women's day etc is a bit cliché??🙈 So this time, why don't you enjoy a wonderful evening with champagne (and candles & flowers) in the comfort of your own home instead?! Because just like Veuve Clicquot's manifesto states - "Life is meant to be enjoyed and for us, it's those playful little twists that make it all more delicious."

Not only for celebrations, rosé champagne is actually a really good fit as a relaxed and elegant pre-drink with a bunch of different snacks and starters like finger food including Mediterranean dishes (my fav!) such as hummus & baba ganoush, but also tacos (my other big favorite!). If you're more of a bread lover then pair your rosé with a toast, such as bruschetta. Add seasonal ingredients on top of it or just cut out raw vegetables slices and snack them while you sip the bubbly💕

But let's talk about cheese🧀🧀🧀 Because I could just live on cheese plates omg I feel like I was a mouse in my previous life haha! Luckily for me, cheese goes super well with champagne, so more of a reason to celebrate life's little moments, right?!😉 Cheese + wine is a classic combo and probably old news to any cheese or wine lover out there. BUT! Have you tried pairing your cheeses with champagne?? Trust me, the bubbles give your tastebuds such a new experience and, when paired with the right types of cheeses, the combo with champagne is absolutely amazing. So let's get into the 4 best C+C (aka champagne + cheese) combinations:

Best Cheese + Champagne Combos

#1 Goat Milk Cheese + Rosé

You're used to having your goat cheese on top of beetroot risotto?😜 Well this time, pick up a nice  piece of fresh goat cheese and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rosé from the store instead and match them together. The goat cheese pairs perfectly with Rosé because of its sweet indulgence, intensity and fruitiness.  You can add berries or prosciutto to the mix and you're all set for a nice dessert👌

#2 Sheep Milk Cheese + Rosé

Not really a fan of goat cheese? In that case, opt for a selection of sheep milk cheeses instead. That cheese type (especially Machego, Pecorino & Iraty, which are my absolute favorite cheeses🧀) pairs perfectly with Rosé because of its complex and sharp structure. Just add fig jam or fig mustard and enjoy the perfect combo!

#3 Cow Milk Cheese + Rosé

When you love a good old cow milk cheese, then try a combination of a half-aged Mimolette cheese together with Brut Rosé (and thank me later😜). This combo pairs perfectly because of its winey and elegant flavours. Another cow milk cheese to try adding to the mix is Edam, which goes really well all sorts of fruits such as peaches, melons, apricots and pears.

#4 VCP Yellow Label + Cheeses

Now I know we're talking about Rosé here, but since we're on the subject of cheeses, then there are a bunch of options that pair magically together with Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label as well👌 If you're a fan of the classic Brut or you plan on hosting a big C+C party with lots of champagne & cheese options, then pair your Yellow Label together with mature gouda cheese for a powerful structure; tomme cheese for delicacy & aromatic intensity and young comté for fruitiness & complexity. What ever combination you choose, I'm certain you'll have an amazing culinary experience right at your own home💕✨

*Enjoy responsibly!