Travelling is so much fun - no doubt about it! But when you travel somewhere far, it takes time and let's be honest, having to sit in one place for hours & hours, is pretty annoying🙈 But you still want to go and travel to the other parts of the world, right?! At least I do😜 So today I want to share with you a few tips I've gathered through my travels that help me make the long flights very enjoyable and take the most of them. Everything you need to know from before booking your flight and going to the airport to the absolute must-haves on plane for a comfortable flight to tips on flying (long) flights with children. Because a trip begins and ends with the flights guys!!

Before the Flight

  • Pick a seat in advance - even if you have to pay a bit extra for it, trust me, it's worth it having an overall great experience flying. And mostly that depends on you being comfortable and your seat has a lot to do with that (especially on long hauls!).
  • Take screenshots of places - where your hotel / apartment is located, how to get there, what places you want to visit etc. Often times you don't have access to internet on travels, so those screen shots really come in handy. 
  • Arrive early - I've learned that the hard way, packing my suitcase way too late and almost not making it on my flight + all the extra stress it brings along... Not a great way to start a vacation! So instead, arrive early to the airport and grab a glass of bubbly before your flight. It really helps with stress management and sets you in the right mood for the trip😉🍸
  • Ask for upgrades at the counter - often times airlines overbook their flights and you'll never guess what a simple question may give you! An upgrade for only a fraction of the price is not uncommon and really makes a difference in long flights.
  • Fly with the same airline - when you travel often, it's good to do it with one airline as much as possible. Collecting your miles inside the airline gets you an access to their elite status, which helps tremendously with things like free first class upgrades, free treats and priority boarding. We fly mostly with airBaltic, since they serve the most flights & destinations from Tallinn, and we're really pleased with everything👌

In-flight Essentials

  • Earphones - Do not forget your earphones!! Make sure to download your fav entertainment before the flight so you have a selection of music to listen to on Spotify and a variety of series & movies to watch on Netflix. 
  • Magazines / Books - I can never fly without a fresh Vogue💕 and for longer flights I always bring a book with me to read. Since I'm not good at working on planes, I like to take this time to give me some brain food and read a good book & magazines. 
  • Snacks + Water - speaking of food,  bring some of your favorite snacks like nuts, fruits, candies etc with you for the flight. And don't forget to buy a big bottle of water from the airport to keep your body hydrated!
  • Charger - Having prepared all the in-flight entertainment for a nice trip and then ending up with a dead battery so that you can't really watch / listen to anything is a real bummer! So make sure to bring an extra charger for your phone & laptop with you, cause trust me, the flight goes a lot faster when you have something to do😉
  • Airplane outfit + Pillow - Sitting on a chair for many hours straight can be more than annoying, which is why it's important to make it as comfortable as you can. For that dressing approriate is key! Put on comfortable clothes and shoes, make sure to have warm socks and an extra scarf or plaid with you, cause airplanes tend to be rather cold. Also, bringing your favorite pillow with you to lean your head or your elbow on makes a huge difference in terms of comfort!

Travel Beauty Essentials

  • Hand Cream - I don't know how about you, but my hands always tend to try at airports & on planes. So I make sure to never forget to bring a rich moisturising hand cream with me. I like the L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream.
  • Lip Balm - Another thing that often tends to dry due to AC is your lips, which is why bringing your favorite lip balm along helps avoid cracked lips. My absolute favorite is Elisabeth Arden's Eight Hour lip balm💋'
  • Micellar Water - If possible, don't wear any makeup when flying, especially when you're on a long / overnight flight. Bring along makeup wipes or micellar water to remove your makeup and / or clean your skin. I like to use the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water for that.
  • Moisturizer - Once you've cleared your skin, it is super important to moisturise it. Pick a really rich moisturising face cream for that and add a thick layer on your skin. Dr. Barbara Sturm Rich face cream is really good!
  • Face Mist - Throughout the flight sprinkle face mist on your skin to keep your skin hydrated. My absolute favorite is Caudalie Beauty Elixir which is completely natural and full of herbs & plants🌼
  • Eye Mask - I'm a huge fan of sheet eye masks and use them pretty much every morning anyway. So whenever I'm flying, I like to bring a set of eye masks with me to put under my eyes about 30 mins before landing and arrive with bright eyes. Love this Estee Lauder Recovery eye mask.

Flying with Children

  • Arrive Early + Pick a Seat - Kids take time, so arrive early to be on time & stay sane🙈 Also make sure to pick seats in front of the plane (leave the window seat to your kid) and be the first ones to board on plane. It makes things a lot easier and being able to look out of the window is really exciting for kids!
  • Bring Activities - Take with you lots of things to keep your children occupied throughout the flight. We always buy some new books + magazines beforehand to read on plane. Also take things like playing cards, coloring books + pencils, small board games with magnets with us. In addition I download a variety of cartoons for Thor's phone on Netflix.
  • Bring Snacks - Firstly, don't forget to bring drops or lollipops with to offer your child for take off & landing to avoid them getting a earache. Secondly, basically no child wants to eat the sandwiches etc on the airline's menu haha and they can't only eat the chips & chocolates also. So think ahead and bring a few options of nutritious healthy snacks with you.
  • Wet Wipes + Change of Clothes - Trust me, they're both a total must-have! No matter how old the kids are, accidents happen. So having wet wipes with you to clean their face and hands from chocolate and what not really comes in handy. Also, their clothes end up with stains before landing pretty much always, so having additional pair of clean pants + shirt with to arrive decent helps a lot😜
  • Visit The Cockpit - Now, it totally depends on the airline + the actual flight & crew on board, but when flying with airBaltic, Thor has had a chance to visit the cockpit several times and it always makes such a highlight of the flight for him! So don't be afraid to ask and let's hope that the crew is as nice as we've been lucky to have😌

Biggest thanks to airBaltic for flying us💛