When it comes to home accessories, there's one thing I'm pretty much obsessed with and spend way too much money on (if you ask Richard haha!) and that is home fragrances & scented candles. I just can't get enough! There's nothing better than having your home smell amazing if you ask me💕

Why bother scenting our homes anyway? I think of my home as part of myself, so as with regular perfume, a home fragrance is an accessory that adds depth and character to my home and allows me to give each space and room a different feel. Now, you may think that what's the point in spending money on diffusers and candles if you can buy them from high street brands like H&M and Zara for much cheaper. Trust me - the difference is huge! It's quite like comparing a high-end niche perfume to a simple eau de toilette where one is made of much better quality, lasts longer, offers a stronger scent and just feels more luxurious aka actually worth their money. Coming from a long-time user and someone who's tried and tested a lot of different scents from different brands over the years😉

By far my favorite home fragrances come from a brand called Dr. Vranjes which I actually discovered thanks to my mom who's a big home fragrance fan and has been using their diffusers for years already. Developed by chemist and artisan perfumer dr. Paolo Vranjes, the luxury home fragrance brand aims to create the finest fragrances to stimulate the senses and add warmth to any household. Pure natural ingredients are blended with exquisite essential oils for unique delights to suit different rooms in the house and accompany every living space. And isn't that a full experience what the modern living is all about?! Well, it sure is if you ask me!

The difference between scented candles & diffusers is that they both have very different uses. While diffusers offer a continual overall ambience and you can just set them down and forget about them. Then candles, on the other hand, are best to set a certain mood for a wanted time through scent and light. So I like to have both of them at home to set a certain mood in different rooms and areas with  fragrances. If you're not that certain what is the best scent for your specific need or what type of fragrances you like in general, I highly recommend you to go visit Astieks showroom that represents Dr. Vranjes in Estonia and who's team consists of specialists in aroma design and who can help you! They also have an e-shop where you can easily order these delightful home fragrances without leaving the comfort of your home during the quarantine life🙏

When it comes to home fragrances, there are a few things to know for the best & longest use:

  • choose a diffuser bottle size proportionate to the area you wish to fragrance
  • use all the sticks supplied with the fragrance for the best result
  • on first use, let the sticks soak for an hour and then turn them over
  • after that, to adjust the intensity of the fragrance, turn the sticks around once a day

Now, let's talk about those different rooms and I'll share with you my favorites for each space depending on the mood and the purpose of each of them. Starting with living room, I want the overall feel to be very warming, relaxing and luxurious. I love woody & oriental scents and so these are the key elements I look for in my candles and diffusers too. My favorites are everything with oud, amber and patchouli. So in my living room, I've using Rosso Nobile diffusers that offer a combination between fruity grapes, soft magnolia and invoking birch wood, providing a relaxing atmosphere.

For bathroom, I want the scent to be something fresh and juicy or a candle version of my favorite perfumes. As for the diffuser, I've been using the Ginger Lime home fragrance that's a mix of fresh citrus and spicy & energising ginger giving a welcoming and sparkling atmosphere and making me feel fresh and full of energy after shower👌

When it comes to bedroom, there are two options for the fragrance depending on your personal preference. The first one is something with orange flower and lavender to promote relaxation. And the second option if you want something sexy is trying a diffuser with musk, vanilla and amber. Dr. Vranjes' Ambra is a mix of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla combined for a mysterious oriental feel that gives relaxation and sensation to bedrooms.

Speaking of woody notes, they are also ideal for (home) offices, creating the perfect ambience for work interiors. The delicate mix between East and West in Oud Nobile is ideal for stimulating concentration.

And lastly for our hallway and the entryway I like to use Dr. Vranjes' newest fragrance called   Milano, which has notes of patchouli, pepper and sandalwood to give an accommodating invitation and offer the perfect welcome to a home💛

Do you use home fragrances? What are your favorite scents?🌱