things to do in self quarantine


Social distancing and self-quarantining can be boring, tiring, exhausting, overwhelming and everything related. But since you're stuck at home 24/7 and don't have anywhere else to go, it's better to keep yourself busy to make your days pass by more meaningfully😉
So here are a few ideas for you on what to do while you're quarantining at home:

1. Do a spring clean in your home + closet

Nothing like giving your wardrobe and home a much-needed clean! Helps declutter and you could sell online some things you don't want or need anymore for extra cash💸

2. Read entertaining / inspiring/ educational books

Now is the best time to take up that book you wanted to read but never got a chance to! I'm currently reading Mark Manson's "Everything is f*cked" - how accurate😁

3. Have an at-home spa day

I live for at-home spa days with face masks, doing my nails, body scrubs etc. What I love is finishing that off with a few drops of my fav perfume on my body. Makes you so much more put together - trust me!

4. Draw mandalas or anything really

Put on some good music (I like chill out or anything sax for that), light candles and color mandalas or just draw anything instead of spending another evening watching Netflix.

5. Learn a new language

There are so many options for that and what better time to start than by being stuck at home! I use Duolingo to study French and you can make such a progress with only even 15 min every day + wouldn't it be lovely knowing how to order food in the local language the next time your travelling when all of this is over😍🙌

6. Listen to podcasts & lots of music

Going for long walks is my only form of entertainment outside right now, so I always like to listen to either different podcasts or just some good vibes while I'm doing my walks. Gets you in a good spirit!

7. Play cards & boardgames

This has been a tradition in our little fam ever before the whole social isolation thing, it's a really great way to spend time and have fun at home, both with kids or just adults.

8. Develop a new business idea

Let your mind wonder and train your brain. Now is a great time to think how to put in use all your talents! Maybe you're discovering a specific need people are facing now that their at home?

9. Cook creatively / try different recipes

With restaurants and cafes being closed for who knows how long, it's time to start mastering on your skills around the kitchen and try to recreate those favorite dishes of yours🍝

10. Do home workouts / yoga / pilates

For all the active people who are not able to visit their gyms and those who weren't exactly active before, there are lots of online workouts and courses to try in the comfort of your own home. Who knows, maybe you come out of this much fitter than before!

**You can do all of these with wine

As a bonus, you can do all of these things with a glass of your favorite rosé and voilá it's much more fun already!😜

What are you doing at home while quarantining?!

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