how to style teddy coat winter outfit inspiration


Get the style:

Teddy coats are a total winter staple, especially when living in a city with 4 seasons😜 I'm totally in love with them for their warm feel and oversized fit! I think teddy coat adds such a cool effortless vibe to the whole outfit no matter what's underneath and so can easily create chic / girly / casual look  - all with a laid-back vibe👌

I know teddy coats are not everyone's cup of tea, especially if you ask Richard who doesn't like them at all (which kinda makes me like them even more haha!), but with that said I believe you should just give them a try and I'm 90% sure you'll fall in love with this warm & fuzzy outerwear. Luckily, teddies have been around for many seasons already and are definitely here to stay. And above all - they literally go with everything!

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