Januaries are always the slowest months for me - firstly job wise cause in advertising the busiest months are November-December and so the first month of the year is when I rest and do nothing😜 If there is one highlight though to bring out from Jan'19, it would definitely be our little trip to Madrid -  which was a first for all of us and we really fell in love with the city and can't wait to go back! 
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February was also a relaxed month travel wise, meaning that I didn't go anywhere haha😅 But it's the month when Thor turned 7 which was very sweet and fun!


March marks the beginning of a new season with lots of work. At one point I had so many spring looks to shoot but the weather in Tallinn was still very much cold & winter-y that we decided to take a quick trip to Vienna for the weekend, because I checked the weather forecast and it promised +18℃. When we arrived (with all my spring looks) to cold Vienna, I realised that I had accidentally checked the weather for Vienne that's in south of France😁 But looking things at a positive note, it was our first time to Vienna and we loved this beautiful city, discovered many cool places, ate lots of good food, shopped and also managed to take my photos, cause we were luckily blessed with a sunny +19℃ weather on our last day there🙏🙏🙏 
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April is always another busy working month and this year it took me on a work-related trip to Warsaw with Armani Beauty team to celebrate their new perfume launch. I got to meet so many wonderful women working in the beauty & fashion sphere and had such fun times!


In May we finally got to go on a vacation and live our own little Italian dream for a bit, visiting Rome, Naples and the little town near the sea, eating lots of good food, visiting all the beautiful locations and enjoying the Italian sun.
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June marked an ending of a childhood era for us because Thor finished his kindergarten and became ready for school. And to be honest with you, I'm really happy that this part of our life is over and Thor got to start enjoying the summer🙈


July was so warm and beautiful with lots of events, gatherings, little trips to Pärnu / Riga etc and just enjoying the summer time. Perfect way to spend that month if you ask me😜


August is a month I'll remember forever because it brought into our lives something that I had been waiting for over 9 months!! It's the month when our sweet little Hugo joined family Mere and our loves got automatically even more sweeter with the cutest furball🐶
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September brought a big change to our daily lives with a new chapter since that's when Thor started school😊 I'm super proud of my smart & funny & sweet son for getting into the school he really wanted to attend!


October took me on another work trip and this time to one of  my favorite cities with a Parisian skin care brand called Yon-Ka to visit their laboratories and see how all their natural products are made. In addition to work I also had a few days free in the city to just wonder around, do some shopping and visit all my favorite places in Paris💕


November brought me another trip to Paris but this time with my three favorite boys💛 Ever since Thor started French school and learning more & more about the culture and history of Paris, he's been wanting to go there. So we made him a little surprise and took our sons for a long weekend in Paris. Needless to say it was so much fun and Thor was the happiest😊😊😊 
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2019 ended with another quick little weekend getaway and this time for a girls weekend with my babe to celebrate both of our bdays. We were incredibly lucky with the weather that was sunny +20℃ which was absolutely amazing for mid December! Had so much fun shooting photos, shopping, eating out, drinking vino and just having fun aka the perfect way to end the year😌💕 
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Thanks for the memories 2019 & cheers to 2020!

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