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If you have kids you know that literally nothing makes you happier than making your kids happy💛 And the one thing that makes my Thor very happy is travelling. No wonder, since I absolutely love travelling as well, but you already know that😜 And ever since he started going to the French school this fall and learning more & more about Paris, he's been really wanting to visit Paris. And so we went there for a little weekend getaway!

Going to Paris is always special, but especially if it's for the first time. And since this city holds a big and super important spot in my heart, I wanted to make sure that it will be the same for Thor. Which meant lots of planning ahead of going to be able to put lots of activities into the 2 days we're in town but also in a way that it's still super relaxed and have time to just enjoy. Cause in my opinion, you can't really enjoy Paris, if you're not taking the time to just do people watching at the typical parisian cafes😏

So, first things first - the flights had to be top notch! We always-always-always fly with airBaltic, cause they're literally just the best. I love their new and clean planes, their nicest and most helpful staff, their delicious food and most importantly their connectivity from Tallinn. Super important, especially when travelling with your kids, who can get bored easily on planes. Luckily, it's a 3-hour direct flight from Tallinn to Paris - so there really is no better excuse to go to the city of lights for the weekend✨ 

Once you're in Paris, it's time for the activities! There's so much to do with kids, which is wonderful, cause I adore travelling with Thor the most. Here is the list of places we visited and that were all approved by Thor himself, so clearly they were good picks for children👌👌👌

1. The Eiffel tower

Such a classic! But it always brings so much joy, both for grownups and for children. Buy your tickets up front, so you wouldn't have to wait in line for too long and if possible, then schedule your visit for sunset - trust me, you'll get the most amazing view! Oh, and one more thing - dress warm, since it is very windy at the top, especially for the little ones.

2. Parks

I love Paris for its many beautiful parks where to walk and have a picnic. My absolute favorite is the little Jardin du Palais-Royal, but the more known Jardin Luxembourg and Jardin Tuileries are absolutely beautiful as well. Grab something good to eat & drink with you and have a little relaxing time at the park after all the walking around.

3. Cafes

With French fries available at every cafe, I'm sure your kids are gonna love going to the cafes hehe😉 Thor is also a huge fan on chocolate and pastries, so visits to the iconic parisian cafe Angelina was such a highlight for him aswell. This place looks amazing! Another must-stop is the Laduree shop for some delicious macarons.

4. Sightseeings 

A little sightseeing is always a must in Paris! All the well-known places and buildings like the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Montmartre, Place Vendome etc. They're all really spectacular and worth the visit💯

5. Grand Gallery of Evolution

Paris is the city for many amazing museum for every type of art lover (Piccasso museum is my personal latest favorite😉). But when you're travelling with children, I'd suggest visiting the Grand Gallery of Evolution that like the French version of the Natural History museum and that is guaranteed to be loved by every kid, no matter their age. Lots of interesting things to see for the parents too!

6. Boat Cruise on Seine

A great way to get a view over Paris is by taking a boat tour on river Seine. I did for the first time when I was in Paris in October this year and I highly recommend! We went on a restaurant cruise with fine dining 2-hour drive during sunset, which was just amazing - seeing all the important buildings of Paris and ending the evening alongside the Eiffel tower. But there are lots of options and boats to choose from and it is totally worth going.

7. Disneyland Paris

If you have more time in Paris, then I suggest going to Disneyland as well! It's about an hour drive and costs around 50€ with the taxi, which is what I always suggest on taking when you're travelling together and especially with children. Trust me - these few extra euros are worth not going through the hassle of getting on-and-off trains with your luggage etc, and you get there faster as a bonus too😉 But back to the topic - personally I have never been to Disneyland, but everyone I know who have gone there with their kids, have always so many good things to say, that I believe it's definitely worth visiting!

Have you been to Paris with your kids? What was their favorite activity?

Big thanks to airBaltic for flying us there💛

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