Hyaluronic acid - sounds kinda scary, but actually holds the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin and although our skin cells produce hyaluronic acid naturally, but due to ageing and environmental aggressors such as pollution and sun, those levels get so low, which result in sensitive, dull skin with fine lines, uneven tone and texture. And that's exactly why you need to add products with hyaluronic acid to your regular beautifying routine😉

Eucerin is a name I'm sure all of you have heard of. But did you know that Eucerin is the dermatologist-recommended skin care brand based on honest skin science? It sustains and restores skin's health and its products give the confidence of a healthy radiant skin, guaranteeing reliable and highly effective product innovations on highest dermatological standards👌

Sounds good right?! Well, it get's even better, because Eucerin came out with Hyaloraon-Filler - an anti-aging skin care line with effective wrinkle filling effect that plumps up even the deepest wrinkles for a rejuvenated look. What's special about the Hyaluron-Filler line is that its products include three unique ranges that have been clinically and dermatologically proven to deliver multiple anti-aging benefits. It has been specially formulated to address the first signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles and that's where hyaluronic acid steps into game!

Now, I'm a big fan of pharmacy skincare in general. And the older I get, the more important it is to me what products I use every day. I'm almost 31 and already have my share of wrinkles and fine lines, especially around my eyes and on my forehead, which makes it the right time to introduce anti-aging & anti-wrinkle products to my skincare routine. So I was more than excited to test Eucerin's new line and see the effect for myself.

The one product I was super eager to test was the Vitamin C Booster that is an anti-aging serum with 10% pure & freshly activated Vitamin C to strengthen and smoothen my skin while plumping up wrinkles. I could see my skin looking fresher and more radiant in already after one week! But it's said to be the most effective when used for 21 days straight, because it helps collagen production in your skin cells and those cells renew after every 3-4 weeks.

Another product I tested was the Day SPF 30 Cream, because I think you can always tell how suitable a product line is for your skin by the day cream and I like mine to be very rich and deeply moisturising and - most importantly - with a sun-protector in it! because I never leave the room without having at least 30 SPF on💯 Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Day SPF 30 is an anti-aging cream that plumps up fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated look, especially addressed for skin with the first signs of aging, just like mine. Really liked that cream as well, especially for daytime under makeup👌

Have you used any Eucerin products? Comment below your favorites!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely product indeed. I'd love to check this out. Thanks dear!

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