Summer is a wonderful season and by far my favorite time of the year, no doubt about it. I feel so much more inspired to do anything and everything - long days, natural light and warmth play such a huge role for me in terms of productivity­čÖî Especially when work, travel, family life & activities combined often make it challenging to plan my time and get everything done and settled. Trust me, when it's pouring rain or super dark and cold outside I find it so much harder to find inspiration, so summer is definitely something I don't complain about­čśť

The same applies when it comes to my outfits - I love my summer wardrobe much more, playing with more colors and textures etc. Where do I get the inspiration from my outfits? From everything all around me like other stylish people of course, but also very much from travelling, different cultures, the nature and its wonderful colors but also so much inspo comes from even the simple things around me like food and drinks! Speaking of which, Fuzetea with all its combos doesn't only taste good and promote an amazing Fuzion way of living, but they all also have such inspiring color combinations­čĹî For example I've been really into color green lately - something which a few years ago I would have never wanted in my photos or in my wardrobe. This is completely inspired from the nature and the things around me like the color matchings on Fuzetea bottles.

What about you? What interesting places or things do you get your inspiration from?­čĺÜ 

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  1. These are really fab looks dear, especially the last two. So pretty on you!

    Jessica |