vestige verdant organic skincare review


vestige verdant organic skincare review

vestige verdant organic skincare review

vestige verdant organic skincare review

vestige verdant organic skincare review

vestige verdant organic skincare review

vestige verdant organic skincare review

I don't know any woman to who having beautiful skin is not important. Taking care of mine and giving it only the best is of high importance to me. So agrees Vestige Verdant - Estonia's very own luxury organic skincare line that focuses on creating products that will slow down the ageing of our skin, using next generation technology and the highest quality unique ingredients to prolong our youthful looks on a cellular level.

Featured in all the main fashion bibles like Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, Vestige Verdant has become a worldwide loved skincare brand. And no wonder, since all its products are made using the highest grade certified organic ingredients, free from chemicals and anything unsafe.

I tried and tested Vestige Verdant's new products for a few weeks on my skin and here's what I thought about them:

Absolute Hydrance Day Cream

This daily moisturiser is made to protect the skin from premature ageing, being super lightweight, fast absorbing and deeply moisturising. Absolute Hydrance recharges dull and tired skin with organic and natural ingredients, leaving the skin with healthy glowing complexion, silky smoothness and refreshed feel aka offering the skin everything it needs to get through the day.

What I personally loved the most about this day cream is that it really is deeply moisturising. For me it's always the most important feature in a cream. Despite being very rich, it absorbs fast so I don't have to wait too long before putting on makeup and has a nice scent👌

Complete Recovery Night Cream

This revitalising and restoring night cream offers a rich menu of organic and natural ingredients to nourish and deep-moisture the skin, maximising its cell renewal. Effectively fighting signs of ageing, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin, restoring its natural elasticity, diminishing pores and normalising sebrum secretion.

It is no secret that skin recovers best during sleeping, so spoiling my skin in the best possible way with this Complete Recovery Night Cream is super important, cause who wouldn't want to wake up with a younger and smoother skin, right?!

Infinity Eye Serum

This ultralight eye serum is deeply moisturising and works against fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Due to high-end technology and natural ingredients, it is designed to reduce wrinkles up to 45% within 2 months.

I'm very picky when it comes to the products I use for my eyes. Wearing eye makeup every day and having constant struggles with puffiness, I need my eye creams to be ideal. With that said, I really liked the bottle of the Infinity Eye Serum, having a cooling roll up top, making it super pleasant and easy to apply the serum on my eye area and to reduce the puffiness. 

Pure Brilliance Micellar Water

Before anything else, skin needs proper cleansing. Pure Brilliance is an effective organic cleansing water enriched with micelles to absorb impurities, grit and grime without excessive scrubbing or damaging the skin. It helps restore the natural pH-balance, improves skin texture and revives skin.

I use micellar waters daily to remove my makeup, including eye makeup. The Pure Brilliance has a pleasant scent and very good bottle to carry with me and spray on my face through out the day, but unfortunately compared to other micellar waters I use, this particular one did not remove my mascara at all, so additional products should be handy to remove eye makeup.

Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil

Made from five rare high quality oils of neroli, patchouli, carrot seed, sea-buckthorn and argan, this face oil is an absolute milestone in the beauty industry, being truly effective and fast absorbing. It is deeply moisturising, soothing and reinvigorating, providing an even complexion, softness and a healthy glow, whilst protecting from the sun and the cold and loading the skin with vitamins and organic nutrients.

I used this Rare Oli Blend as a night oil to give my skin the best hydration and all the necessary ingredients while I sleep. I loved the feel of moisture and the soothness, but I wasn't particularly fan of the rolling top bottle, which made it a bit hard for me to apply the oil evenly on my face.

Organic Peat Facial Mask

This deep cleansing mask rids the skin of harmful ingredients, tightens the skin and smooths wrinkles and fine lines. Designed to heal allergic and overly sensitive skin, boost blood circulation, decrease greasiness and acne, this Organic Peat face mask is made of extremely rare organic peat and filled with reinvigorating bioactive ingredients with the highest organic detox abilities to be the most effective face mask out there.

I'm a big fan of face masks, using them twice a week, so adding this to my daily skin care routine was a no-brainer. What I always look from masks is moisture, moisture, moisture - which is exactly what I got and I love it😊

Have you used Vestige Verdant skincare? What's your favorite product?

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  1. This sounds really good. I need to add this to my routine, especially the Complete Recovery Night Cream and Infinity Eye Serum. Your photos are so lovely dear, thanks for sharing this review.

    Jessica |