Today is World Oral Health Day. Which is why I think it's most appropriate to talk about the importance of healthy teeth exactly today! Because having a beautiful smile is and always has been super important to me. Which is something you probably imagine since I have such a big smile, but actually all my childhood (and even during my blogging years thanks to anonymous comments and different forums) I've been made fun of and called different names like horse face etc because of my big teeth. So it hasn't always been easy to say the least.

But, name calling or not, I myself actually really love my big teeth and hence have always taken very good care of them to make sure that they look very presentable. Since they're so big that you can't not notice them anyway haha😜 Jokes aside, I brush my teeth A LOT every day - 3 times a day for 4 minutes every single day. Sometimes even more. I remember from my childhood when me and my sister were little, we had a 3-minute hourglass and our mom always made sure that we brush our teeth very thoroughly every day. I also remember that me and my sister often had competitions between ourselves on who can brush their teeth for a longer period. We would sometimes do it for even 30 minutes straight haha! So needless to say, brushing my teeth a lot and often comes very natural to me.

Actually I don't consider it to be a lot myself, I think it's very normal, but when looking at the recent oral health survey results that Philips did in the Baltic countries, I was completely shocked to say the least! Turns out very many people brush they're teeth only once a day or when they remember to do it and visit their dentist only if their tooth starts to ache😳 Just a few months ago I also attended an event hosted by dentists where they spoke about that even though in our Instagram perfect world where it is so important for all the teenagers and young boys and girls in Estonia to look beautiful, have they're hair and makeup done and wear pretty clothes and even whiten their teeth, but when they open their mouths, they're teeth are actually in a very bad shape. And that's a big problem dentists are concerned about because youngsters don't see the importance of having healthy teeth.

Which is really shocking and very sad, because dental care in Estonia is free for everyone under 19 years, making it ideal to visit the dentist at least twice a year!!! For as long as I can remember, I've been to the dentist very often and I also take Thor to the dentist after every 3-4 months for him to have beautiful healthy teeth and to actually get it into a habit for him to take care of his health. Please do the same for your children!

And even if you're older than 19 (which you probably are if you're reading my blog) or you don't go to the dentist every year, there's actually so much you can do yourself by just brushing your teeth the right way and with the right tools! Those 2 minutes 2 times a day really add up and make a difference in long term. Firstly, use an electronic toothbrush, cause I'm sure you all know that electric toothbrushes are better than the ordinary manual ones, because they're just so much more efficient. Secondly, use a floss and thirdly eat healthy and drink lots of water. Not too much to ask for the health of your teeth, right?!

Speaking of toothbrushes, everyone in our family uses an electric toothbrush ofc😉 We're all big fans of Philips Sonicare models and have been using only these ones for years. I personally started out with their EasyClean model, then used ProtectiveClean and just now started using Philips's newest DiamondClean Smart model. I love that it has lots of different regimes and brush heads for my every need, it's so high tech, has a portable travel case to conveniently bring along to all my trip and last, but not least, it looks absolutely chic. Everything I need to take the best care of my teeth and have a beautiful healthy smile💛

I'm interested in hearing about your relationship to oral care too. How and with what do you brush your teeth? Comment below!


  1. This is so important because the smile is the first thing that people see in you!

    Jessica |

  2. While you should brush at least once a day, twice a day is best! You need to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, making sure to cover all of your teeth.
    Joseph ||