You guys already know my endless love for boutique and design hotels. I love when a hotel goes the extra mile besides just giving you a super nice and comfortable place to stay (which is also very important, of course). But all the attention to details and chic & stylish decorations and the creativity behind the interior design inside the hotel is why I truly love to stay at design hotels wherever I go. Plus I always get so many great interior ideas for our home in terms of decorating as well, which is a great bonus that comes with travelling😉

For our quick little city break to Madrid last week, naturally we wanted to get the most of our limited time in this beautiful city. Which is why we decided to stay at a design hotel in the very centre of Madrid. The hotel that won our hearts was Urban Hotel which is a 5* Grand Luxe hotel part of Derby Hotels group with hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Paris - all of my favorite European cities💕 What made us stay at this particular hotel is the reason that Urban Hotel is not just a luxury hotel in the heart of the old centre of Madrid. But a modern avant-garde gastronomy hotel that has original collections of ancient art from Papua New Guinea all over the hotel, even in every room. Which is something that makes this a suuuuper special and unique hotel and creates a total wow-moment!

As if the amazing exhibition and design weren't enough on their own to win our hearts, Urban hotel also had two absolutely divine and stunning restaurants with Michelin star chef to treat you with the most delicious food. There's nothing like ending a long day with drinks and snacks at the super stylish Glass Mar bar before heading up to the room! The only downside I can point out from the hotel was that the lighting in the bathroom is rather dark - which makes it perfect for a nice bath, but not that ideal for doing your makeup. But other than that, everything was amazing👌

We had the most amazing stay at Urban Hotel. The room was gorgeous, the staff was super friendly, the food was delicious and I'm not even going to talk about the overall design! Definitely recommend staying there for everyone and anyone visiting Madrid and I'm absolutely going to discover Derby Hotels other hotels in Barcelona, Paris and London as well when I'm visiting these cities. Such a lovely stay and a trip worthwile💛

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