It is no secret that beautiful hair is important to every women, including myself. And having beautiful hair vastly depends on the products you use every day to take care of your hair. I'm a firm believer of  natural products instead of using chemical junk in any of the products I use, so I always look at the ingredients before I buy anything and I avoid using makeup, hair, body etc care products that you can buy from regular supermarkets or that are from low-end brands because the health of my body and skin inside and out is not something I want to save money on.

Recently I attended the opening of Apotheka Beauty - a pharmacy-based beauty store that sells only products approved by pharmacists and that are actually good for you. One brand I discovered there that I had never before heard about was Rene Furterer, a hair-care brand with a totally different approach. Approach where the beauty of hair is inspired by that of plants, where beautiful hair depends on how you take care of your scalp just as beautiful plants grow from a fertile, managed soil. And so, Rene Furterer was the first to create plant-based hair care products offering the luxury of being both, ultra effective and highly appealing to the senses thanks to using rare and precious essential oils.

The whole approach of this hair care is based on a three step method for beautiful hair. The first step is to prepare, using essential oils to stimulate the scalp to activate micro-circulation and leave scalp more receptive to the treatment. The second step is to cleanse, where key ingredients are formulated to meet the needs of specific hair and scalp conditions. And the final step is to treat, using the right products to deeply nourish the hair and reveal beautiful and healthy hair.

I tested three products from Rene Furterer and they were all from the Absolute Keratine line for extremely damaged, over-processed hair. I tried the renewal shampoo, the ultimate renewal mask and the sublime renewal leave-in cream. It's not a secret that heat styling and processing damages hair and so the Absolute Keratine line is just for that - an intensive care that strengthens and revitalises hair to make them softer, more shiny and healthier.

I'm very picky when it comes to my shampoos, since my hair is wavy and gets dry easily, especially on my scalp, so I want my shampoo to really moisturize and leave my hair soft. The renewal shampoo had plant-based keratin, biocymentine and cameline oil in it, which all are super moisturising and suit my hair very well. I can never wash my hair without using either a conditioner or a mask after shampooing. The ulitmate renewal mask made the ends of my hair a lot smoother with only a little bit of product used and I absolutely loved the smell of the mask👍 The sublime renewal leave-in cream consisted of all the goodies that are in the shampoo plus sesame oil to help protect against breakage. What I loved the most about this cream was that it's very smooth and soft, making it easy to put not only into damp hair but also in my hair even when they're completely dry, which is not always the case with many treatments.

For all of you interested to try out Rene Furterer products yourself as well - they are available in Apotheka Beauty (both, online and at their store in T1 mall). Let me know how you liked them!😉👌

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