For the past 2 year, hair has been a delicate subject for me. Yes, it looks beautiful and and I take good care of it with the best products and by going to the best hairdresser. But still I've been having big trouble with one subject concerning my hair and that has been severe hair loss. What began as just a normal hair loss, didn't seem to stop and I kept loosing a huge amount of hair every single day and I believe you can imagine how stressful that might be, not mentioning the hair everywhere that started to annoy others too haha😅

But all jokes aside, I was very worried, cause within a year, my hair had gotten twice as thin as it used to be, so I had lost half of my hair - not kidding! Luckily, I had very thick hair to begin with and you can't really see the difference just by looking at me, but I knew and was very very sad😔 

I've always been a believer and user of natural products, which is why after googling a lot and consulting different experts, I started to take biotin, l-lysine and vitamin D daily. To be honest with you, I'm not the best at taking vitamins and when you have to take 5 pills every day, it's easy to forget and pretty expensive also.

About 3 months ago, I was contacted by New Nordic, an innovative company making herbal tablets which strengthen vitality and fight age related health problems, using plant molecules to activate life and vitality processes of your body cells. It turned out, that they have a special line made just for hair, called Hair Volume and they would like me to test the products. Couldn't have come on a more perfect time!

Unfortunately, after turning 30, your hair growth starts to slow down and you start to loose hair - makes sense why it happened to me as well! But as I found out, this process can be slowed down tremendously by using the right supplements. Hair Volume tablets have apple as the main ingredient, which contains lots of goodies for your hair. The supplement also has biotin in, which I learned before hand that is crucial ingredient for healthy hair, so I knew it had to work. And so I didn't think any longer and started taking 1 pill of Hair Volume instead of my previous 5 different pills a day.

Just this Monday I was visiting my hairdresser again for my regular cut & color and she told me that I have lots of new baby hair growing. You can only imagine how happy I was to hear that!! Finally a positive change to my hair problem😍🙏 I'm glad I started taking Hair Volume and I can honestly recommend you the same!