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black velvet couch living room

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I believe that living room & kitchen are the heart of the house. They're definitely the room(s) we spend the most time in, which is why making it cosy and right up to our taste was our top priority. Also, this is the only room in our home that is now completely finished and ready🙊 So let's get into some details about it, right?!

As I've told you a bit before, with this house, we wanted to have lots of bold colors and prints and to make it really vibrant, compared to our previous home that was all light & white. One thing we new we were going to have was a black kitchen. We had to wait for this for a looooooong time, but I'm super happy with how it turned out! Another thing we wanted was to have gold accents here and there, so the kitchen is gold metallic in the middle part and also all the little details like decorations, frames etc are golden. Talking about the things I always wanted to have in our new home - a black marble coffee table, a banana tree and a cow rug under the dining table. So glad I can check them all done😍🙌

If Richard and I have mostly similar taste when it comes to interior design and decorating, one thing we couldn't agree on AT ALL was the couch. I wanted to have a black leather sofa. He didn't like the idea one bit and wanted to have a corner sofa instead. So after looking at endless amount of couches we agreed that he will pick the couch and I will pick the material and color for the selected sofa. And so we came to an agreement with a black velvet couch that you can now see on the above photos. It's all about the compromises guys haha!

But not only furniture, but also lighting plays a huuuuge role in interior design and a major part in decorating a home. As I'm sure you already read from the lighting post I wrote last month😉 Regards to our lighting picks, we wanted everything to match together but also stand out. One thing, I've always-always-always wanted to have in my home is the Flos Aim ceiling lamp. It's such a beautiful rustic statement piece that we knew we we're going to have hanging above our dining table even before we had any furniture. And I'm beyond pleased with how it looks! It's the perfect choice for an ambient lighting but also if you want to actually see what you eat. And the best thing about this particular lamp is that you can make as big of a spider web as you like and need and hang the bulbs as far from each other as you wish. This was a major criteria for us since our dining table seats 8 people and needs to be equally light on all parts.

Now that we had our main light set, we had to decide what to do with the other lights and that was really challenging. They can't compete with each other in a small room like ours but also have to be beautiful of course and match with the overall vibe. Luckily the sales reps at Hektor Light, where we got the "chandelier" for our dining table, are beyond helpful and qualified and gave us so many options and suggestions and ideas from what to choose. Such a big selection of designers and brands like Flos, Foscarini, Karman, Pedret, Tom Dixon etc got us all covered with the options and so for our living room part we went with a minimalist round ceiling lamp Lona by Intra Lighting.

When designing and decorating a room, each little detail plays a huge part in making a complete whole and the overall look. I'm happy that our living room is finally all set and done and that it turned out exactly the way we wanted it to be💛 Now we only have the rest of the house to get ready and then I can share these rooms with you as well.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know and I'll be happy to reply!