Each year we like to do something special for our wedding anniversary and this time we decided to celebrate our 4th anniversary in Abu Dhabi as a little 4-day getaway doing nothing but relaxing, exploring the city and enjoying just being together😊

Since it was our first visit to Abu Dhabi, we didn't know much about the city, the districts and the locations, so when we booked the hotel, we just picked the one that looked cool and pretty from the pictures🙊 Luckily, we didn't have to be disappointed! Our hotel looked absolutely wonderful, being located in the MOST crooked house in the world (google the hotel and you'll see what I mean!), with the rooftop pool overlooking the sky scrapers and beautiful big rooms.

The breakfast was delicious and the room service was also super nice. I loved the lobby area, being really colorful and modern. And I would definitely recommend staying there for everyone visiting Abu Dhabi. 

The only downside for this hotel for us was the location. It's located pretty far from the city, being 15km away from one side to the city center and 5km away from the other side to the Mosque etc. So you will have to take the taxi wherever you go. Luckily the taxis are rather cheap😊 But if you're that kind of a traveller who just likes to stay inside the hotel and lay by the pool, enjoy spa features etc, then the location doesn't really matter and this 5* hotel will have my recommendation for sure, cause we had the most wonderful time there and the staff was really lovely too👍