It's that time of the year again! Beautiful, colorful October is about to be over and Halloween is just arriving to send it away with the best way possible. With a little theme party ofc😉 Just this weekend I attended a cool Yelloween party with costumes and scary makeup involved (which was my first btw) and I couldn't just not take advantage of our golden fall and shot these amazing Halloween / fall themed photos together with Veuve Clicquot as well that you can see above.

Speaking of Veuve Clicquot , it's no surprise that this is my favorite Champagne house and I absolutely love both - their Champagnes as well as their amazing branding👌 Remember when I told you about their over the top 200th birthday party I attended this summer or their wonderful history I wrote about earlier? Well, needless to say that I'm always up for anything and everything with my beloved VCP.

PS: Since Veuve Clicquot loves to celebrate holidays including Halloween aka Yelloween as they like to call it, all their products come with extra special prices but only until October 31st to bring a little mysterious yellow to your dark autumn evenings💛

How are you celebrating Halloween?

↢ enjoy responsibly ↣

jacket: SHEIN
blouse: CHICWISH
shoes: IL MIO (similar)

photos: Fotoraat

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  1. Babe, you photos are super adorable! That red off-shoulder top and teddy coat looks so cozy and chic on you!
    Jessica |