Lighting is considered to be the jewelry of architecture. It stands out and gives a final touch to the overall look, defining the character of the space and creating impressions. Lighting has an essential effect on the aesthetics of any room, affecting the surroundings and works of art as well as our moods and senses of well being. The right amount of lighting can make an ordinary space seem almost magical. So needless to say that choosing the right type of lamps to your home is an important task that should not be overseen! We waited until almost everything was ready in our new apartment before thinking of lighting, because of the same reasons listed above - it has to match with everything else inside the room and make it all stand out. When everything was set furniture wise, we met up with a consultant / designer from Hektor Light and discussed ideas & looked for the best lighting situation for our home.

Apartments often come with different issues like little natural light (like we had in our previous home, which is why getting a new place with lots of big windows facing south a priority for us); low ceilings, limited space etc. Luckily, all these issues can be cleverly fixed with the right type of lighting😉 Investing in quality lighting in every room can make a huge impact in the overall feel of your space. I'm all about supporting authenticity and design, whether it's regarding fashion brands, digital products or furniture / home accessories. Same applies to lighting. Although some people may question spending money on designer pieces when you can buy a replica with only a fraction of the original price, I couldn't suggest enough investing in high quality original pieces right away. A knock-off will NEVER be as good as the initial piece, not to mention it will not look as good, be as high quality nor last as long and you will end up spending more due to replacing it. Trust me, I've made that mistake in the past and always end up replacing the furniture / tech piece with the original high quality one sooner or later, so nowadays I always make sure to get the best and most suitable piece for myself right away😜

But back to talking about lighting - the right lighting does not only set the right mood in your home, making it feel extra cozy (especially during the dark and cold winter months), but it can also save you some precious space and improve the functionality of more task-oriented rooms like kitchen and bathroom! Which is why if your home could use a dose of lighting improvements, consulting with a specialist in the lighting world is always the best tip - they've seen it all, know the trends and can suggest the best options for your home lighting situation👌 But in addition you can easily think of some solutions for your home as well by following the simple rule of layering as a little lighting tip!

Breaking your room into layers makes it easier to choose the right lighting for it. Just think of your room as a cake and build layers on top of the other, starting with general / ambient lighting as the main layer of the cake. This is typically about 75% of the room's light, making sure you can walk into a space without bumping into furniture😜 As the second layer comes task lighting as the cake's frosting - without it, everything is drab and not very appetising. Task lighting helps you with everyday chores like reading a book or chopping vegetables to brushing your teeth etc. A good way to get the right lighting is to write down all the tasks that take place in that room and to make sure you plan the right lighting around them. The final layer is accent lighting which is the cream on top of the cake. It enhances all the flavours and finishes of the cake / room. Accent lighting is a decorative element that points out architectural details and art. And so, if all these three layers are being considered, you've got yourself a perfectly lit home cake😊


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