Tea has a special power to be super calming and relaxing in addition to great taste, aromatic features and health benefits. That's why I looooove tea! But another reason I drink tea every day is because it allows me to take the time and just be by myself, think my thoughts and clear my mind. It's no secret beautiful yoga retreats and hotels all over the world offer tea time sessions together with some "me time" benefits.

And that's the main aim of my fav iced tea - Fuzetea - as well. To give you the time for yourself and to let you enjoy the world, this life and the special little moments of just nothing and noone but yourself. I love that concept! Especially in today's super fast world where everyone is constantly connected and online and where taking those little moments for yourself, disconnected from everything else, appear less and less frequently.

I wish that you all take some time for yourself and enjoy it with tea💛

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