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Remember when I told you that we plan on decorating our new home by mixing two styles - the white minimalism with eclectic glam? Well, I covered the minimalist part a while ago (here's the post) and talked to you a bit more about why we don't want to go with only the scandi style white interior anymore as we pretty much had in one of our previous homes. So now it's time to focus on the second part of the interior style / trend that we plan on integrating into our home - the eclectic glam.

For many years I really appreciated and admired the clean black & white style that was so very popular all over the internet as well. Which naturally lead me to dream about having a home for myself looking something like that too. But you know what? It got really boring to be honest😐

Firstly, because I like prints and colors and details and LIFE, not just monotone & clean, kinda sterile look if you know what I mean... And secondly, (and I believe this is what all of you know by now) if everyone has it, I don't want it. And I'm like that with everything - looks, fashion, hobbies, pets - you name it! The same applies to interior style. As much as I liked seeing all these beautiful photos of beautiful houses, I felt more and more that I don't want our home to look something like that. Yes, it would be pretty, but it would also be so very boring and already seen and just like everyone else has. That's why last winter we completely changed our idea of what we wanted our new home to look like, because the trends that we liked back then, had gotten so popular and everyone was doing that. And I always want to be ahead of trends😬

Now as for the eclectic style itself, it's very bold and colorful and chic and glamorous, using many different textures and materials, lots of dark colors and also lots of gold - so right up my alley! All of which we plan on applying into our new home, together with the calmness of white minimalism to get a combo that is timeless yet exciting!

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