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It's no secret that people really enjoy summertime the most and always look forward to the three amazing warm months full of smiles, happiness, good friends and adventures! I'm extra keen on creating beautiful memories with my friends and family every season, but summer makes everything even more special, don't you think?! And lots of ice creams, watermelons & strawberries, BBQ parties and FUZETEA ofc😉

In order to make this summer really memorable for yourself be sure you can check all the 10 points mentioned below before we enter the new season, cause those are the absolute must-have moment that make a great summer💛

10 Best Moments of Summer

1. Enjoy Beautiful Late Sunsets

I'm a sucker for sunsets, especially at the beach watching the sky turn pink - never get tired of it and could watch it forever💕

2. Go to The Beach & Jump into Water

What's a summer without some fun in the sun and lots of swimming?!

3. Ride the Carnival Rides

I hadn't been to any amusement parks for years but when I went there in July in Paris, it was the best time ever!!

4. Take a Weekend Trip

I'm a true lover of weekend getaways. There's nothing more memorable from a weekend than a nice little two-day trip somewhere with a special someone!

5. Hang on Rooftops

Whether they are rooftop bars and cafes, rooftop pools or just plain rooftops - go there, be there, enjoy the view😉

6. Have Picnics with Friends

Picnics with friends are just the best things! Good food, good company, fresh air and sunshine are all the essential parts of summer.

7. Ride a Bike

Bikes are pretty much my only transportation during summer days. If you haven't rode one yet, do it now!

8. Enjoy a Day Doing Nothing

Don't you just love these days?! Of course being productive is good, but allow yourself a few days during this beautiful summer time to do absolutely nothing at all.

9. Read Your Favorite Books & Magazines

Nothing like some quality time with your fav book or magazine. Preferably in a hammock or at the beach.

10. Drink Lots of Iced Tea

FUZETEA has been by far my fav refreshment this whole summer😉😉

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