dotted satin shirt HERE (comes in 11 different colors!)

wrap midi dress HERE

shiny blazer HERE; t-shirt HERE; belted shorts HERE

I'm a total sucker for everything and anything pink, as you already know🙈 Not like over the top pink but like classy chic pink details here and there, cause I just like the color and also pink always looks so good on photos as well! Another favorite color of mine is red and it has been my favorite for as long as I can remember... Maybe it's because I'm a scorpio? Other scorpios, let me know if it's the same with you too?!😘

Well anyway, this summer I've been really rocking my pinks and reds and more colors in general, cause the weather is just so nice and I love it!! Luckily there's lots of colorful options available at NA-KD where all the above featured looks are from and I have a special discount code for you sweeties too - you get 20% OFF of everything on their site with my code KRISTJAANA20💛 Happy shopping!


  1. Gorgeous outfits dear! Love the blazer, so chic and edgy on you!

    Jessica |

    1. Thanks darling! I adore the pink suit too :))