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I used to be a dress girl through and through but now I'm finding myself looking towards skirts more often. And I might actually consider being a true skirt lover this summer time! But no wonder with all those amazingly beautiful ruffle mini skirts that have totally taken over all of the streets, stores and your Instagram feed🙊

What I probably love the most about ruffle skirts (or skirts in general) is that their super playful and summer-ish while still giving me the freedom to style them how ever I want by just changing the top or adding accessories here and there. So much more options and more possibilities to wear them compared to dresses. How convenient! The combo of a girly skirt with an oversized t-shirt is still my absolute favorite way to wear a skirt and probably will always be that cause of the mix of feminine & casual, but you know that I love it already😉

Are you into ruffle skirts this summer too?

Shop ruffle skirts:

skirt: NA-KD
bag: FENDI
sandals: FLATTERED (similar)
sunglasses: MISSPAP

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