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girl flower field summer sunset picnic photography

girl flower field summer sunset picnic photography

We all know that self care is essential for happiness - exercising, eating well, hydrating our bodies, getting enough sleep, meditating etc. But also a big part of living a healthy and happy life is making time to simply being with yourself by yourself - having "me time" to just be, recharge and relax, helping us reboot our brain, unwind from the day, improve our concentration, become more productive at so many more things!

We, women, seem to have it all and are superwomen with our careers, families, kids, friends, relationships. But having it all often leave us with no time or strength left to ourselves. The sad thing is that studies have shown that women today are less happy than they have been in over 40 years and the lack of free time can be a major reason for that😔 Which is why everyone has to take time to recharge their batteries and spend time by themselves.

So how to we take "me time" and become a happier version of us?

1. Set specific times for no work

Focusing on your work is a great excuse for not taking care of yourself. Put by setting aside specific time slots for when you won't work and will instead spend that time with your family and with yourself. An example of these time slots could be mornings before work and then evenings from 5pm to 8 pm during dinnertime😉

2. Put yourself on the schedule

Put "me time" in your calendar, so you don't have meetings or appointments preventing you from taking care of yourself. Great tip is setting yourself as the first appointment of the day, so you'll get it done for sure and start a day being happy and grounded.

3. Find time for yourself

Find at least half an hour every day for yourself. Put it on your schedule and make sure you don't just waste the time that you set for yourself! Be present in the moment - don't think about your grocery list or tomorrow's work, don't focus on what you have to do next but just enjoy the time with yourself. Great way to do that is by sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee and a magazine. Or no magazine at all and just looking at the clouds (no phones allowed😉). Read a book, go for a walk in the park, get a massage or a mani-pedi - important thing is to spend quality time with just you!

"Me time" is also the core focus of Fuzetea, the new ice tea line by The Coca-Cola Co that I told you a few months ago when I was in Zurich for the launch event (read here). I've completely fallen in love with not only their delicious flavours (peach hibiscus is my personal favorite) but also with the fact that they stand for the very same thing - personal happiness and taking time for yourself, which makes it so much more special for me whenever I drink my Fuzetea💛 

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