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green dress velvet sofa palm tree wallpaper

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melvita organic skincare lor beauty products

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melvita lor organic firming ritual

One subject (or body area to be more exact) every woman - me included - starts to really focus on when summer is approaching, is skin. Especially on the legs, cause who wouldn't want to show off their beautiful legs - a body part I've been struggling lately (hello varicose veins😓). And of course I don't mind having smooth and firm skin everywhere else as well. 

I've been a huge fan of organic skin care for ages, as you already know. So when one of my favorite organic skincare brands, Melvita, introduced their new L'Or Rose organic firming ritual for skin, I was extatic to try it out! As it turns out, Melvita discovered that a small berry that goes by the name of Aroeira or "pink gold" has lots of precious skincare benefits and so, uses it in their products, offering a complete firming ritual of exfoliating with a scrub and firming with oil.

The scrub, which contains argan nuts, rose hips and exfoliating sugars, rids the skin from impurities and helps smooth its texture and prepare for the benefits of the Firming Body Oil. An oil, that reduces the "orange peel" effect no woman wants to have on their thighs. It is called a super-activated firming oil and that is because it contains double the concentration of Aroeira berries, greating a more toned, firmer body. These two products combined create a power-duo for your skin, making it look smooth, firm and radiant with only the best natural organic ingredients and that's what I absolutely love about these💛

Now the third product in my must-have summer skin care preparation pack is L'Or Rose Beautiful Light Legs serum that soothes and boosts tired legs, stimulates blood circulation and give the feeling of lightness back to your legs. Who wouldn't need that during the hot summer days, right?!

How do you prepare your legs for summer?

PS: Kui kasutad I.L.U kaupluses märksõna "Melvitaga suveks vormi" saad kõikidelt Melvita toodetelt -20% allahindlust!😘


  1. You are looking incredible on these photos!

    1. Thank you so much Natali! Wish you a beautiful day xx

  2. These are really nice picks dear. I'd love to try that Firming Body Oil. That sounds really interesting. Anyway, you look so gorgeous on that dress dear!

    Jessica |