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If you've been a long time reader, you most probably know my on-going battle with acne and skin problems and my endless pursuit to improving my skin's condition and get that beautiful, glowy and perfect-looking skin I've always dreamed about. You also know that I'm obsessed with natural organic skin care products and use only things that are good for it as well as visit a cosmetologist and get a micro-needling done every month. It's safe to stay that I'm working on improving my skin each and every day.

To be honest with you, I don't feel comfortable showing you these photos above of my skin... I'm ashamed and insecure to be anywhere without makeup, which is why I nearly always wear foundation. It covers up my red sports and scars and I feel so much better in my skin this way, without having to constantly think if anyone's looking at how bad my skin is😕 Unless you've seen me in real life, you can't really tell that I have a problematic skin either, cause on my photos I always wear makeup, don't take many close-ups and I use a good camera that blurs out all the unevenness. For example the very first photo of this post is done yesterday morning - with makeup, with a professional camera, and it looks as if I have the prettiest skin (oh I wish!!). But reality is that unfortunately I still have a long way to go, which is why I decided to step up the game, faster the process and get some extra measures done for my face. And so, I had a few treatments done at Medemis beauty clinic.

Naturally, my main concern and insecurity was acne scars - from red pigmentation to actual deep scars, especially on my cheeks. And, of course, I still have actual pimples as well most of the time, especially when I don't drink enough water, have a stressful period etc. So those were the two reasons I needed to be treated. After a consultation with the cosmetics and looking at my skin's current condition, they advised me to start with a chemical peel to clear out the skin and then follow with IPL  photorejuvenation sessions to get that skin cleared.

At first, I was a bit scared of the chemical peel, because I've seen photos of people losing all their skin as if they were snakes haha and I was terrified of going through it myself (silly, I know). But actually the peel was far from what I had imagined! Medemis mainly uses AHA, BHA and TCA acids for chemical peels, which are all natural. The AHA acids used on my skin are quite light, the procedure is painless and they cause little to no skin peeling afterwards. My first chemical peel treatment started with azelaic acid, which reduces redness and evens complexion. After which the nurse applied a rosoil mask on my skin to moisturise it. For the third step, a bit stronger - DNA Recovery peel was put on to depigment and pleach my skin and as a final step, a DNA Recovery Peel cream was left on for the day to speed up my skin renewal, reduce inflammatory reactions in my skin and even my complexion.

After having let my skin rest and recover for a few weeks, it was time for the second, IPL treatment. Opposite to chemical peels, which treat the top layers of the skin, the IPL allows to get deep inside the skin, reducing post-acne pigmentation as well as still active acne itself. The procedure also activates collagen production, tightens the skin, improves blood flow and uneven skin complexion and narrows pores - everything I needed! For me, in contrary to chemical peel, which was hardly tangible, the IPL session itself was very uncomfortable and quite painful, actually. The light sessions were really bright and hurt my eyes, even though I had eye masks on. But it did even my skin noticeably and reduced redness, so I know I just have to suck it up next time and get another session done later!

For the third treatment, I went back to the chemical peel. Partly, because I was leaving for Riga Fashion Week the next day and the peel session gave an instant wow-effect. And partly, because I  wasn't ready for another IPL session just yet🙈 The nurse used light gel peels with vitamin C and azelaic acid, followed by two layers of ferulic acid and an azelaic acid cream to even my complexion and reduce acne scars.

Now, I'm not gonna lie, deep down inside I was hoping for a miracle that after a single procedure all my acne, scars and mispigmentation would disappear and I would have that perfect skin I've always dreamed about😍 I know , I know - things don't happen over night and all the good things take time, including having a clear skin. But! I'm so happy to see results and improvements after the first three sessions and I will keep doing a few more (maybe stronger) chemical peel sessions and once my skin is smooth and acne-free, I'll finish it with an IPL photorejuvenation to get rid of the very last bits of redness. My dream is to welcome summer with a clear skin, feeling confident without wearing any makeup and happy as ever - let's hope my dream comes to life💛