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It's been a week since we moved into our new home and although we've been practically living in furniture stores for the past 6 months or so and ordered a lot of things beforehand to our apartment, there's still so much we need and miss. Everything from sofa tables to cupboards to curtains to lamps to shelves to what not is still missing from our new home. Not to mention that it takes another month before our kitchen, wardrobes and bathroom gets ready and we need to live and eat on boxes until that hehe! But that's just all part of the game and I still love everything about it😊

One thing that past six months has taught me is that we don't really have many good furniture stores here is Tallinn. Or actually we do have quite many different big stores but not much variety in terms of different styles of furniture to choose from, especially when you're not that into the timeless classic style and want something more modern. Which is why we've been shopping a lot abroad and online. Which is both, good and bad, at the same time. Good, cause you get a much wider selection and can buy pieces that very few other households in Estonia may have. But bad, because it takes a lot of time and money to either go abroad to pick up furniture or to pay so much for delivery and taxes... What that lead me to was to search for cool Estonian-based online interior stores instead and this is how I discovered Furgner - a furniture store that sells modern, nordic style furniture from different European brands with such reasonable prices. After discovering this webshop to myself, I spent the entire evening browsing through their selection, choosing what to buy and ticking off so many things on my "want" list I'd been searching for a long time!

To begin with, they're selling black marble tables!!! Ahh you can't believe how hard it has been finding one - all the stores here sell only white ones and all the online shops either don't ship it to Tallinn or the cost of a small sofa table would be over 1000€ with shipping... Another thing we've been having trouble finding are cupboards and TV stands, and I found so many great options for our home and beyond. Also, I need a cool table for our wardrobe / home office and that one with the metallic triangle legs looks just perfect for that, don't you think?

Now, I know buying furniture online can be somewhat scary cause you want to see and feel and touch the pieces with your own eyes and hands before buying. Which is why when I heard that Furgner opened their first brick-and-mortal store this Monday, I paid a quick visit to there as well😉 To my surprise a lot of things I hadn't paid any attention to online were so cool in real life! Plus they had such beautiful and soft rugs I now need in our apartment too (haha wait till I tell Richard🙊).

Have you bought anything from Furgner? Comment below!


  1. I love these pieces. The grey couch is so cute.

  2. Thanks for introducing us to the brand! I am about to move to a new house and desperately need a few furniture to get. A black marble table would be so divine!


    1. I know! Black barble table is such a classic piece <3

  3. These are really pretty items dear. That mismatch dining table has a really lovely modern style.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com