valentines day gift guide for ladies


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The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner and the pink, red and heart-shaped everything seems to be taking over the world - it's a total Valentine's Day overdose! I'm not gonna lie, pink and red are my fav colors and I'm always up for some chocolate and a glass of bubbly💕 So I don't really mind the clichés hehe!

For us, Valentine's Day is usually pretty low-key. We like to get each other small gifts and go out for dinner, but nothing over the top. Well ok, Richard goes overboard with the flowers from time to time and gives me 100 red roses for example haha, but my gifts are mostly small. This year, we don't have any set plans yet since we'll be most likely moving during that time and a romantic holiday will include takeaway pizzas in sweats between lots of boxes. But who knows😊 Anyway today we're having a pre-Valentine's date night and are soon about to head out for dinner and movies. Above, however, are a few gift ideas for the coming Valentine's Day and I'd be more than happy to get all of them🙈

How do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day?


  1. These picks are so cute! I love the bra, and the love balloons.

    1. I'm totally in love with this bra too! Looks so gorgeous