grown out fringe haircut trend 2018


grown out fringe bangs haircut hairstyle trend spring 2018

Hair - something that has always been too important to me not to mess around with or try out different things. I've never had any crazy hair colors or cuts, except for the occasional blonder or darker shade and a shorter do. Probably because I'm just too much of a chicken for a complete change and / or I'm afraid I'll ruin my hair and spend years getting it back healthy... Whatever the reason, all in all I've pretty much always had my natural hair color together with my natural curls, pampered up after every 2 months or so with masks and a fresh cut by my amazing hairdresser (who I've been going to for over 10 years already -she's the best!).

Though you may think there's not much to change if you don't change your haircut drastically, there's actually quite much you can do for a fresh look with simple changes😉 One of my absolute favorites is the latest haircut I've been rocking since October, just updating it with a cut and shine mask after every 2 months as always. And that is the "French-girl fringe" hairstyle, that's going to be huge trend this coming season! Although I must admit, handling a fringe is somewhat of a challenge at first to get it to stay right, especially when you're not used to spending time blowdrying your hair after shower haha😅 But the overall look is so worth it!

So what is this french-girl fringe hairstyle all about and why do you need to know about it? To sum it up, it's a classy messy bangs haircut that looks super effortless and is tres chic like the french ladies (hence the name). Those "curtain bangs" are super hot right now and I'm sure you've seen plenty of inspo on Instagram already. It's an easy way to give a shape to your face and the extra length makes it more non-committal than shorter fringe, which is a huge bonus. As for the color, honey shade brunette with slight highlights to brighten the face is the way to go this spring. And I absolutely love it! I like that the beauty world are going for a more natural look in hair, makeup, skin etc. But about the the color of your hair for 2018, think of it this way - it should be so subtle that people think it's your natural color😉

So ladies, if you're thinking "new year / new me", I advise you to definitely consider experimenting with a new look and update it with grown out bangs and a honey shade color to rock the trendiest hairstyle of 2018!

Do you like this trend? Would you try it out yourself?


  1. I've been seeing that hair trend, and it looks so good.

    1. I'm totally obsessed with it! Can't wait till summer comes and I'll have more natural highlights for a total beach vibe :*

  2. Millise andeka juuksuri juures sellise soengu saab? Ehk, kes on Teie juuksur?