Our home improvements are in full speed and we are looking forward for our new apartment to get ready already in a few weeks (!!!) and to be finally moving into our new home. And I can't really express you enough HOW much all three of us want everything be ready and us living there! Thor is literally sick and tired of interior shopping already haha🙈 And so are we, since going from store to store, endless hours browsing through the internet, having meetings with designers and builders is just so time consuming that we can't all wait for it to be ready. I'm sure you know what I mean if you're in the same situation or have been part of the process lately!?

However, though really tiring, I do love interior design so much and this whole picking-up process is truly interesting and fun for me😊 It's like another passion of mine besides fashion and my Pinterest with its endless interior boards is a solid proof of that haha! I believe that the environment you live in affects so much of who you are and how you feel, so living in a place surrounded by things that inspire and compliment you is crucial. Who wouldn't be happy living in a beautiful home, right?!

With that said I've always had a list of things / furniture I want to have in our home and so today I wanted to share with you the 8 things I really look forward to styling into our apartment:

1. Black marble coffee table

Marble table is a classic that belongs to every home and instantly adds a touch of sophisticated glamour. But I'm not really into the white one, probably because I've seen it so much already and everyone has it (and I never want anything that everyone else has)... But the black one is a total must!

2. Butterfly chair

This is another something-something I've always wanted to have in our home. This will be more of a styling element though since it actually isn't super comfortable to sit on🙈

3. Diptyque candles

Perfect bathroom decoration elements! The smell of Diptyque candles is divine and these bottles make ideal holders for your makeup brushes!

4. Vintage persion rug

Persian rug is such a classic piece! But instead going for the original red one, I love a lighter version with a slight pinkish / greyish undertone. And what I especially like are the vintage rugs that are slightly worn out from some parts, adding a special touch to it.

5. Gold cutlery

Gold cutlery is just so extra and I love it! We're going to have lots of gold details in our home and dining with a golden set of knifes & forks would match so well and look absolutely gorgeous on table💛

6. Marble coasters

Coasters are a must in every household (unless you want ugly marks on your table), so why not treat them as interior design elements and pick stylish ones to do the job! I'm totally obsessed with these Rablabs coasters.

7. Rustic floor lamps

As you might have guessed by now, I have a thing for the rustic loft-like interior mixed with Parisian chic, so a rustic, minimalist and modern cold floor lamp would fit just in, matching perfectly with both styles👌

8. Velvet couch

Choosing the couch for our apartment was the hardest struggle haha! I've always wanted a pink velvet couch and Richard wasn't exactly keen on the idea of a pink sofa in our living room😝 Instead, he want a black corner sofa. So we went for the black velvet one - cause velvet is a must! So soft and chic and luxurious.

Also, since I am in the middle of designing our new home and really into interior design at the moment, I thought of sharing these type of posts here on the blog too from now on. Thinking of sharing some tips and shopping favorites and also show you our apartment when it's ready. Would you be interested in reading / browsing posts on interior topic? Let me know in the comments!😘


  1. I love the coasters! They are super cute!

  2. mõtlesin, et jagan :)

    1. Aitäh jagamast :)
      Kusjuures käisime seda ükspäev vaatamas ja kvaliteet tundus nii kehv... juba poes nahk krimpsus ja mõrad sees + ei hoidnud üldse vormi. Arvatavasti võtame hoopis Nordic design house’ist, sinna pidi ka märtsis saabuma müüki need.

  3. 6 and 8 are amazing, I'd gladly have them in my home too!

  4. Tulingi just kirjutama, et vaatasin Nordic design house lehel ringi ja nägin seda tooli seal ka 😉 Ja kirjuta edaspidigi kodusisustuse teemal - sul on väga hea maitse ja see oli huvitav lugemine 😉

  5. Waiting for more interior posts for sure!!

  6. Charming picks! That Vintage persion rug is such a beautiful classic.

    Jessica |