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If you follow my Insta-stories, you might remember that last Friday I was super excited cause we were supposed to get the keys to our new apartment and start moving in. Well, naturally nothing ever goes as planned and so our apartment is still not ready and all our life is still in boxes, literally😭 Hoping for better news and to FINALLY start moving next week though, we're keeping all our fingers crossed!! I can't express how much I'm looking forward to start decorating our new home with furniture and accessories already.

Speaking of which, in terms of styling our apartment, Richard and I knew exactly how we wanted our new home to look like and that's what we're aiming for. The whole place will be a mix of two different styles and I thought that I'll share both of them with you as well. So that when we're finally this far that our place is ready and I'm able to show you photos, you'd know where we got our inspiration from😊

One trend we've always loved is the way Parisian apartments look like - bright, white, classy and minimalist with high ceilings, white walls and stylish details. Another style we've always fancied is the Scandinavian calmness with lots of wood and natural materials, yet still with a black & white overall look. And the third interior style we like is the rustic metal frames and brick walls look of New York lofts.

Up until about a half a year ago, we would have gone with a total white minimal style for our home as you can see in the inspo photos above. And although we completely love it, we felt like we've seen so much of it already and everyone has a home this style with copper details and brick walls by now. And you know me - I never want anything the same way everyone else has🙈 So, we're going to use some parts of this style in our apartment, cause we absolutely adore the Parisian style, but not completely. Because our apartment is in a new building, meaning we couldn't completely pick everything ourselves, we won't be able to have white doors and fishbone floors as we originally wanted to get that classy & timeless Parisian feeling. But! That's OK cause the interior style of our apartment will be a mix of white minimalism and another, newer trend, we're totally loving and I'll share more about it in my next "Home Inspo" post! Stay tuned😉😉


  1. The decor, it looks so modern, and minimalistic.

  2. Loving this minimalist and modern interior decor! Rooms feel so spacious, yet still very homey and warm.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Totally! Love to get lots of light into the house <3

  3. Love this!!
    Mónica Sors