canon selphy pink photo printer


canon selphy printer pink

canon selphy printer pink

polaroid photos with canon selphy printer

canon pink selphy printer

Love is in the air💕 Are you guys already excited for the Valentine's Day tomorrow? And more importantly - have you already got a gift for your loved one or your bestie? I got a little present for Richard that I'm going to give him tomorrow morning. And hopefully he'll have something for me as well haha. He's usually not that good with remembering dates, but I have been writing and sharing V-Day gift guides and everything related here on my blog and also on Instagram lately, so maybe he's seen something. We'll see tomorrow🙈

But a great last minute's Valentine's Day gift idea is this Canon Selphy printer that I got myself just last week (in pink, naturally😉). It's a small portable wireless printer that prints beautiful photos straight out of your phone, camera or SD card in a matter of minutes with photo lab quality. Not to mention it's super stylish and pretty if you ask me!

Selphy is like a polaroid camera, except that instead of blurry small photos you get super high quality regular sized photos that are completely waterproof thanks to the advanced technology. And it's suitable for at-home printing or to take along with you on travels and events, which is a huge bonus! I got mine in pink, but it also comes in pearly white and classic black. There's a special app for the printer where you can get all the effects of your photos and choose sizes etc, but you can just as easily capture a pic with your phone and print it with airprint in just seconds, just like I did for the above photos. Super convenient👌

Next Sunday we are spending Thor's 6th birthday with his friends and I'm planning on doing a photo wall of all his friends of print-out photos and give each of them one to take with them after the party to remember the day together😊 I think it's such a nice and important little gadget in today's world where all photos are only digital, cause who has time to take them to printing! But now, I can keep all our special little moments printed out in our photo albums without having to ever leave the house💕

When was the last time you printed out your photos?