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Shearling goes together with winter just as good as socks with boots (or whatever the saying might be haha!). No matter the case, this winter material is super warm, chic and stylish, so it makes total sense to be worn as a coat or a jacket. But what about a vest?

I'm a huge vest / gilet lover and adore them for they're ability to add an extra touch to your look. But I also know that a lot of women don't own a vest cause they don't really know how and what to wear it with, especially during winter. Actually, in contrary, there are so many ways to wear a gilet in the cold period and so many reasons shearling should belong among your winter basics😉

The simplest way to add a shearling vest to your winter wardrobe is through layering. Wear it over your shirts and cardigans, dresses and pants and even over your coat for an extra warm layered look. Another way I like to wear my vests is under the coat for a warm middle layer or when I want to match it with whatever I'm wearing below, as an extra accessory.

If you've been a long time follower, I'm sure you know my love for mixing feminine with masculine in terms of style and outfits. This one I'm wearing in the above photos is a classic example of that combination! We came to Tartu yesterday for a little two-day spa retreat with the fam and since we had a long car ride and the weather was pretty chilly outside, but warm in the car, I wanted to wear a comfy look I can easily add / or remove layers from. A shearling vest is the perfect option for those types of days! I layered my long vest over a ruffle cardigan and a button down shirt, wore it over comfy skinny jeans and statement sock boots. As a final touch, I put on a classic baseball cap and with basically zero effort I got myself a chic everyday look that's perfect for those winter car rides👌

How about you? Are you a vest lover like me?😊

cap: NEW ERA
vest: IRIS JANVIER (similar)
cardigan: LINDEX
shirt: ERDEM X H&M (similar)
jeans: LEVIS
boots: ALDO