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Year after year I've grown more interested in skincare, its different methods and approaches to beautiful and healthy skin. I absolutely love that the beauty world in moving more and more towards nature and natural-looking skin, more focused on the inside than on the outside. I'm particularly into the beauty secrets of Korean beauty and their importance of the steps in the skincare regime and their focus on healthy, glowy and dewy-looking skin. So when I heard of the new skincare line by Dior that is made primarily for women in their 30's, I was really excited to learn more about it!

Dior has come out with a new skincare range The Capture Youth, which focuses on preventing rather than dealing with causes and problems afterwards by delaying signs on aging before they appear. #diorforyouth skincare consists of two steps - the first product is a serum to target a problem / a need of your skin and the second step is to maximise the effect with an antioxidant creme. Each serum is designed to target and treat a specific skin concern, whether it's either to lift, mattify, illuminate, soothe or plump your skin. They are made to be used together with the creme as a personalised skincare regimen for maximum effects and results based on your skin's specific needs and concerns.

The five serums are the Glow Booster, which helps restore skin's radiance, containing Murunga Plum, that is known to be 100 times more concentrated in Vitamin C than orange and that is a crucial ingredient in bright complexion and smooth skin texture. The second serum is the Plump Filler, which contains hyaluronic acid to rehydrate skin's surface and help restore it's plumpness. The Lift Sculpture serum contains polyphenols from green, white and rooibos teas to help with the lack of skin tone and elasticity and help lift and sculpt the skin. The fourth serum is the Redness Soother, which's cotton peptides help soothe and calm red skin by helping neutralise redness through its corrective green-tinted texture. And finally the fifth serum, which is a Matte Maximizer that contains Lactic acid, pink clay and zinc gluconate to absorb excess sebum, control shine and minimize the appearance of pores, leaving skin feeling velvety-soft.

As the second step after each of the serum comes the Age-Delay Advanced Creme that is an antioxidant working to delay any signs of aging before they actually appear. Developed to smooth and strengthen the skin with an ultra-fine texture suitable for all skin types.

After having used the Dior Capture Youth line I instantly found my favorites from the range based on my skin's needs and imperfections. Since my skin is really dry and dull, hydration and moisturising is the number one priority for me. My absolute fav serums were the Glow Booster and the Matte Maximizer, that I like to combine to my skincare routine, using the second one in the mornings for an even skin under my makeup throughout the day and the first one in the evenings to wake up with a beautiful glowy skin the next day😍👌

Have you tried the Capture Youth line? Which serum is your favorite?