instagram outfit photo tips how to take great outfit photos for instagram


Let's face it, Instagram has more or less taken over our lives and the way we consume and capture things and different aspects of our life. For me, it is such a great source of daily inspiration via amazing and totally breath-taking photos and super stylish outfits. These are the two aspects I look for the most and that's why I always try to incorporate these techniques into my photos as well to create a harmony between stylish looks and great photography. That's way in each of my photos I try to give something more than just an outfit pic - to create a feeling. 

By taking and editing (outfit) photos every single day, I've learned some tips and tricks along the way on how to pose to appear better in the photos as well as how to take better photos in general. I'm sure, many of you like to take beautiful photos for your Instagram too, which is why I thought I'd share my top 5 ways to take great Insta-pics😊

5 Tips to Taking the Perfect Instagram #OOTD Photos:

backlight golden hour photography tips

1. Lightning + Timing

Lighting plays a tremendous role in photography. Using the advantages of a backlight (leaving the sun behind you), creates a gorgeous depth and space to the photo. It looks extra pretty when you capture the sun and the backlight during the "golden hour" aka the time about an hour before the sunset, when the sun is low enough not the be leave too sharp shadows and instead a beautiful golden shade to the picture, making you shine in the middle💛

lower angle outfit instagram photography tips

2. The Angle

Depending on the angle you take the photo, it can vary a lot. Shooting an image from a slightly lower angle upwards makes you look taller and slimmer. It's a visual effect great to use when you shoot outfit pics😉 In contrary, when you take the photo from the upper part facing downwards, you appear shorter and smaller - it all depends on the angle.

capturing movement walking street style outfit photography tips

3. Capturing Movement

If you stand on the photo with one side slightly more in front instead of just standing straight, it makes you look slimmer. Another great thing to try is movement or walking! Walking appears very natural in the photo and an easy way to capture it and get a focused pic is by sort of imitating walking by swinging from one leg to another.

instagram photography tips

4. Focusing on Facial Expressions

When posing in a photo, you shouldn't forget about your face! Pay attention to your facial expressions and make sure your eyes are opened😉 Look straight into the camera and smile, or if you prefer not to look into the camera, then look slightly downwards (photographer's knees for example) or instead into distance over photographer's shoulder. 

instagram outfit photography tips blending with the background

5. Blending with the Background

You can get super fun and interesting photos when playing with the background and styling your clothing to match with it by either being in the same colors as the background or instead using a background color that brings out and compliments the colors in you outfit. This way you create a color story that works extra well when you dress in one single color head to toe!

Which of the tips you found new to yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts!😘