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One thing, I always make sure I truly focus on and provide only the best of the best for during winter time, is my skin. Since I'm not blessed with a flawless complexion and get a pimple or two (or ten😠) more than I'd like to and my skin tends to get really dry, I make sure to pamper it as much as I can from inside and out. Drinking lots of water throughout the day and visiting my cosmetologist twice a month isn't only enough, so I make sure the products I put on my skin as just as good.

I'm always in search for new products to test if I hear great things about them and just recently I discovered Dr Irena Eris. An exclusive cosmetic brand whose breakthrough luxury products are created by using modern formulas, innovative components, patented solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Their main focus is on the ultimate anti-ageing care and their the only non-French brand part of the very exclusive Comité Colbert. More than enough reasons to start using this brand's products!

I don't know a single woman who doesn't like to pamper her skin. Especially during the winter time when your skin can get really dry and dull and needs that extra amount of love & care. Which is why, together with Dr. Irena Eris, we want to give two of you an early Christmas present😘 To make sure your skin stays in a super good condition even on the coldest and darkest winter days, we are giving away two sets of the best-selling products from Dr Irena Eris. The gift box includes the following:

  1. VitaCeric Flawless Matte Finish Day Serum, which is an advanced triple-action conditioning serum that can be used as a makeup base or a light moisturising cream which gives the skin a flawless matte finish.
  2. ProVoke Lift Fluid is a foundation, that provides instant smoothing effect and evens out the skin tone to ensure a fresh and flawless look that lasts throughout the day. It contains an innovative Renew Age Complex with a rejuvenating and regenerative effect that helps maintain optimal hydration and suppleness for a youthful look.
  3. Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment, which is an advanced skin care product that delivers instant and lasting lifting effect, improves skin tightness and firmness while reducing wrinkles. Thanks to its massaging applicator the reduction of dark under-eye circles and puffiness is clearly visible.
  4. Lift & Detox Double Mask Treatment, which includes a set of cleansing masks with black Brazilian clay and a set of revitalising masks with golden algae. The first one is a deep cleansing mask that removes all impurities, soothes and firms the skin. The second part of the treatment has amino acid in it, providing unique anti-wrinkle effect and increases the production of collagen. 

To participate in this giveaway, please head to my FACEBOOK PAGE and follow the steps there as this giveaway will be held on FB. The giveaway closes on December 31st. Good luck!🎁🎁🎁


  1. Your skin is looking flawless! Beautiful photos!

  2. Sounds awesome!!

  3. That looks really interesting, your skin is looking absolutely beautiful dear. Would love to give these products a try.

    Jessica |

    1. Thank you Jessica! I'm totally in love with their eye cream ;)