Korean skin care is something I've been really fascinated about for a while now. Korean women are known for having absolutely amazing skin and who wouldn't want to know their secrets to it, the regimes they do and the products they use, right?! The secret to the beautiful skin of Korean women consists of the right products and the right routine that create a healthy skin as a combination. Korean skin care routine consists of 10 steps, each of which having an important part in creating a beautiful pure-free dewy and healthy skin. Both, in the morning and at night-time, where the importance is on cleaning, moisturising and nutritions.

Luckily, not only Korean women can take advantage of their medicine and techniques to beautiful skin! The Skin House is a natural high-quality skin care line from South-Korea that just arrived to the Estonian market (soon available at Kaubamaja and Tradehouse). This skin care brand uses only the purest and highest quality ingredients such as collagen, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, mushroom extracts and different herbs from traditional Asian medicine in their products to give the best to the skin.

For today's giveaway I'm giving away The Skin House Wrinkle Supreme Set that includes 5 incredible products. Firstly, an anti-wrinkle function lotion, that makes skin elastic and healthy-looking, relieves skin's stress level and helps it look radiant and elastic, while maintaining skin's smooth texture. The set also includes an anti-wrinkle function toner, that will supply nutrition to skin and absorbs completely, leaving the skin shine, it helps recover skin's fatigue and its basic nutrition. As a third product, there's an anti-wrinkle serum in the set, which fills up skin with basic nutrition and adenosine, which is the wrinkle improvement ingredient that helps improve micro wrinkles to become elastic and smoothens the skin. The fourth product is an anti-wrinkle cream with mushroom extract, that has antioxidant ingredients for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. This product is a must-have for recovery of skin fatigue. And since no skin care is complete without a good mask, the fifth product in the giveaway set is a black skin bubble mask, which purifies skin from the waste and removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving you with a clean pore-free skin.

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