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The weather in Tallinn has lately been, well... Grey. To put it in one word. And this is so sad, because the constant dark, cold & rainy weather we have going on here is just so damn tiring and unfortunately I don't have any trips planned any time soon either. So, the only solution is that I have to find another way to brighten up my days.

Today was exactly one of those above described utterly grey days, which desperately needed some brightening. Which is why I put on a floral print pink silk blouse, a baby pink coat and purple sock boots et voilá the weather felt so much colorful and warmer (or at least I did😜).

Talking about the boots, then the sock boots being super on trend right now is certainly no surprise to any of you. When they first came, all red and with a kitten heel, I liked them, but they weren't really my style. But ever since I saw a few purple versions with a slightly higher heel, I was sold! Aren't these just the chicest pair of booties to dress up your any look and make your days brighter!? Definitely not the comfiest pair of shoes for those slippery winter streets haha, especially when you're like me and wear little to no heels on a daily basis. But absolutely 100% perfect for grey and rainy days like today💜

coat: MAX&Co.
shirt: MAX&Co.
jeans: MAX&Co.
bag: MAX&Co.
boots: ALDO


  1. Your coat is made for a Modern Day princess like yourself! Love your blouse as well, Max & Co. def. have some amazing pieces right now. :)


    1. It is truly a princesse coat! Love the shoulder details and there are SO MANY amazing pieces at their new collection, I was basically going crazy at the store haha

  2. See on üks mu lemmikumaid outfite, mis sul on olnud. Kõik on lihtsalt nii on top:)