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beige shearling coat minimalist street style

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shearling coat sweater dress over pants outfit fall

OK girls, you know my style - feminine, but nothing too girly with a touch of casual comfort and laid-back vibe, nothing too colorful yet not too minimalist either. That's how I like it & what I feel most comfortable wearing and I believe it shows in all of my outfits as well. You can sum pretty much all of them up with the first sentence, don't you agree?! What I especially like when putting my looks together is to play with the girly & sort of boyish style and mix more expensive brands with high-street labels.

And this one is no exception😉 Wearing a dress over pants fall right into the above-written criteria and I'm totally obsessed with this trend! Now, I've talked about the shearling coat trend as you can see me wearing in this post and given tips on how to wear dresses over pants already earlier this fall, but I wanted to stop on the "dresses over pants" subject once more. Because, isn't it the most clever layering technique + this styling was seen on pretty much every Spring 2018 runway, so it's time to get ahead of the fashion game and start wearing it right now!

It's easy to see why this trend has gotten so popular, defying the limits of seasonal dressing, doesn't discriminate between short and tall girls, makes your sheer dresses work-friendly, not to mention this style is so chic and comfy. Need I say more?! If you don't know where to begin with this trend or how to mix and match your dresses with pants, the easiest way is to start with a tonal dress-trousers set like I'm wearing above. And as for the outerwear, choose a coat or a jacket with a hemline that matches with the structures of your dress - this way your whole outfit looks perfectly put together👌

PS: How do you like the new Lightroom preset I made and used in these photos?😊

sweater: GUESS
dress: GUESS
bag: GUESS
pants: ZARA (similar)
shoes: ZARA (similar)