kakerdaja raba bog canon eos m100 camera

kakerdaja raba bog trees canon eos m 100 camera

kakerdaja raba bog canon eos m 100 camera

kakerdaja raba bog canon eos m 100 photo

kakerdaja raba bog canon eos m 100 photo

kakerdaja raba bog fall canon eos m 100 photo

kakerdaja raba bog fall canon eos m 100 photo

Sundays are full family days in our little household, where spending quality time together is a priority. Each week we try to go somewhere outside that day or do something active together, explore new places and just enjoy our day to the max. These times together are something I deeply value.

For those precious Sundays I always like to bring a camera with us. Not only because I'm more or less into cameras in general (work habit hehe😜) but even more due to the fact that there's no such thing as too many photos of your family to keep and watch from time to time, remembering those fun moments.

Now, the camera that we use to shoot photos for this blog on a daily basis is a big one and quite heavy, so carrying it on a 10km hike or just a full day of exploring can be really tiring for the neck and shoulders. Which is why when Canon offered me to test out their new EOS M100 camera, I knew exactly when and where to bring it with me!

On a Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, we decided to go for a little morning hike to Kakerdaja bog where neither of us had been before. It was a perfectly crispy fall day, so we took some pastries and hot tea with us and went. To be honest, it was quite unusual to shoot with the M100 at first - it was just so light and compact! But looking back at these photos I took on this super dark and cloudy morning, I'm really impressed by the quality this little entry-level camera can take!

Designed for the phone-users who pursue to take their photography to the next level, the M100 is a very beginner-friendly and easily manageable camera. I love that it's an interchangeable lens camera, meaning that you can add any kind of lens you like to it. I'm a total fixed lens lover, so naturally I wanted to test out the camera with a fix 22mm lens. Since it is meant for the social media users who desire to up their game and produce higher quality images, it's designed accordingly. The 180 degrees tilting screen makes taking super sharp selfies ideal for your Instagram or filming a good quality vlog for Youtube😉 This camera also carries the in-device wifi function, which  is something I truly value in my camera as well, that makes sending the images from your camera to your phone a piece of cake in a matter of seconds👌

All in all, if you feel like the phone camera isn't doing it for you anymore and you want to improving your photos and videos, I think the M100 is something to consider trying. It's easy to use, basically the size of your phone and produces beautiful photos.

All photos taken with the new Canon EOS M100 camera & EF-M 22mm f/2 lens🖤


  1. So, so great pictures! I'm mesmerized!


  2. Wow the pictures are stunning!! I love the photo quality.

    1. Thanks Courtney! I completely agree - the quality is really good.

  3. Your photos are amazing as always dear. Also, love he looks adorable with the yellow vest.

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