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Whenever you buy a new handbag (and spend quite a lot of your money on it), you should take good care of it. Because you want that bag to always last as pretty as when you bought it, right?! Especially when talking about designer bags, which retain their value over time, when taken good care of them👌

But how do you make sure you're bag looks as new after lots and lots of wears? Most of them end up with makeup inside the lining, worn-out corners, rain-damaged exteriors and what not🙈 So today I wanted to share with you the 3 steps all of us can take to make sure our belowed handbag stays pretty and last this way for years. Check below for the tips:

How To Make Your Handbag Last Longer

1. Protect It

The first step for a longtime beautiful bag is to protect it. Each material acts differently and so needs to be taken care of a little differently as well. For a classic leather bag, buy a leather-protecting product and apply it on the product. Use regularly😉 Suede bags, for example, are super delicate and the color starts to fade in sunlight, so make sure to avoid any contact with water or oil to protect it. Use a special suede brush of a soft toothbrush to take care of it and a white eraser for smaller marks. Brightly colored bags can also fade in direct sunlight, so store them in a dark closet. Be extra careful when removing stains since some of the dye can be removed as well. For patent leather bags, the biggest issue is color transfer. Don't let it rest against any other surface and keep it always in a dust bag, otherwise the colors of the bag and surrounding items will bleed onto each other. And this is basically impossible to get off.

2. Store Properly

In addition to protecting your bag, it is important to store it correctly for a longer life. Each time you're done wearing your bag, empty it and place it in an upright position into their dust bag or a pillow case in natural color in order to prevent color transfer and make sure that the dust bag is large enough for the bag in it! Stuff your bag with tissue paper, a small pillow, scarves or use a handbag insert that was in it when you bought it to keep its shape. Don't hang your bags, cause then the handles will loose their shape.

3. Remove Stains

The first step to removing the stains on a bag is knowing what type of a stain your dealing with. For food stains, crush white chalk and let it sit on the stain overnight. In the morning, brush it off with a clean cloth. For oil stains, put cornstarch on the stain immediately and rub it in so that the oil wouldn't absorb into your bag. After you've rubbed it in, brush the starch off with a clean cloth right away. When you're dealing with ink stains, use a white eraser immediately to erase the spot, but don't apply too much pressure while doing it cause you don't want the color of the bag to come off. An eraser also works wonderfully for dirt stains😉 And lastly, when you have water splashes on your bag, let them dry naturally and then bring your bag to a professional for removal.

Do you take good care of your bags?😊

shirt: ERDEM X H&M (similar)
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  1. I'm totally in love with your babyblue coat, soo beautiful for winter.

    1. Thank you Kristina, I'm absolutely obsessed with it too <3

  2. Fabulous coat and super cute bag! Love your style, you are always looking incredible!

    1. Natali dear, thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that <333

  3. I love that outfit. It's so adorable!!

    1. Thanks Courtney! I'm totally in love with this combo too :*

  4. These tips are all amazing. Love a good handbag so taking care of it is important.

    Jessica |