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The holidays are just around the corner and it feels to me like the time is running double as fast each year when the holidays are getting closers. Isn't it the same with you? Looking at my calendar I can really see that the party season has officially arrived with many events and gatherings. And with all these parties comes the hustle of the outfit - what to wear to the parties and how to dress for the holidays?

Since most of us don't have a different look for any occasion (and I honestly don't think anyone needs to wear a completely new outfit to each event), I'm going to share my top three pieces that will easily turn your outfit from everyday wear to party mode and complete your holiday looks:

1. Party Dress

What's a holiday party without a party dress! A beautiful dress is something that gives the final touch to your holiday style and even a simple one-colored piece can look extra special when tulle, pleats and sequins are involved!

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2. Mini Bag

Mini bags and clutches are a must for holiday parties and events. They're the perfect companion to hold your belongings plus add some extra sparkle to your holiday dressing.

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3. Statement Jewelry

Adding a piece of jewelry can totally change your look from casual to glam in a matter of seconds. Opt for statement pieces such as a pair of big earrings or a massive necklace as they make the biggest impact in changing your outfit.

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jacket: MAX&Co.
dress: MAX&Co.
bag: MAX&Co.
necklace: MAX&Co.


  1. Your coat and boots are absolutely fabulous! LOVE the way you've styled everything. :)

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous. And you are beautiful. Definitely have that something that makes me follow you :)

  3. These pieces are so essential! I love mini bags.

    1. Me too! They're such a perfect addition to any look.