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Florals are a total must this fall in fashion and this, I'm sure, is no surprise to any of you, since I've talked about it at least a hundred times already🙈 Usually the floral piece in the (fall) wardrobe is a dress, but what if you're not a dress person? Or you just don't feel like wearing dresses all the time?  Especially in the cold & windy fall weather like we have here in Tallinn, where it's often hard to stay on top of the worldwide fashion trends when our fall weather resembles more of a winter one in most other places. And although I talked about the fall layering tips in yesterday's post on how to wear your favorite (floral😉) dresses during the colder season, there are still many other options to keep up with the trend otherwise!

My favorite one of them being a coat + trousers combo that makes up pretty much 80% of my outfits. Since I'm not that minimalist in my style and like to play with different prints and colors often, I can easily bring florals into my go-to outfit combination through pants, sweaters, tops or even coats. With strong prints & colors it's important to keep in mind not to over do it and stick to either one color scheme or one printed piece in the outfit. I went for a turquoise colored overall look, wearing a pair of floral print trousers with a grey sweater in matching floral embroidery and a turquoise coat on top. Btw, this coat is reversible and can be worn as a statement floral coat as well😉 I chose to keep it simple this time but why not turning it the other way around with a black turtleneck and leather pants for a super chic fall look!

Are you a team Dresses or team Pants?🌺

sweater: MAX&Co
pants: MAX&Co
bag: FURLA
sunglasses: MAX&Co


  1. These are really good tips!I love that look you're wearing.

  2. Oh wow, I'm completely speechless, this outfit is pure perfection top to bottom!
    Your pants and sweater are major items for Fall.


    1. Aah thank you so much Natali <3 These pants are a perfect mix of office wear & casual!

  3. Fab look!


  4. This is such a brilliant alternative, and you wear it well! The colours in this outfit are beyond dreamy, especially the forest green Max&Co jacket. Love!


    1. Thank you so much Gabrielle <3 I'm obsessed with the coat myself too!

  5. I love the pants dear. It's really cute. Also love the color combination's fall vibe.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com