grey oversized coat minimalist fall outfit


grey coat black trousers minimalist outfit

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max co grey wool coat outfit

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max co coat grey

yellow turtleneck oversized coat fall outfit

max co grey coat outfit

max co striped small bag outfit

yellow sweater grey coat

long grey coat minimalist outfit fall

grey coat yellow turtleneck jumper outfit fall

Despite my love for florals and textures, in my day-to-day wear I always come down to the simple basics. I've mentioned this a couple of times before and I believe I will do it again many times in the future and that is that my go-to outfit formula is (and probably will always be hehe) the following:

  1. simple top
  2. pair of trousers
  3. cute flats
  4. coat 

It is as simple as it can possibly be, but it works and I love it! This combo is so perfectly minimalist and works wonderfully for fall. And the best part? You can wear it for any type of occasion with just some simple switches of shoes to sneakers, trousers to jeans, tops to tees or crisp button-downs and coats from minimalist oversized versions to statement furry ones. Et voilá you've got a whole new look😉👌

For a Sunday evening dinner with my fam I wanted to wear something casual and comfortable yet still chic and timelessly classy. So I decided to build my look around that perfectly oversized wool coat and  paired it with simple black trousers, velvet flats (love these ones from Zaful) and added a touch of color with a yellow turtleneck jumper and a mini bag. I think it creates the ideal "unpolished-polished" minimalist fall look, that you can wear daily in the coming months!

What are your go-to fall outfit combinations?😊

coat: MAX&Co.
jumper: MAX&Co.
pants: MAX&Co.
bag: MAX&Co.
shoes: ZAFUL


  1. Nice outfit! The coat is amazing with the yellow top and great autumn photos!

    Marije |

    1. I'm so happy to hear that Marije! Yellow is super gorgeous for fall xx

  2. Looove the outfit! Perfect combination and the setting tops it off!

    xo Noor

    1. Thanks Noor <3 Fall colors are too pretty not to be uses as background ;)

  3. Love this fall inspiration! That coat is a dream!

    Jessica |

    1. It is, right!? So warm and timelessly chic. Thanks darling :*

  4. Elegant look dear! Lovely coat, looks really comfy, yet sophisticated and stylish.

    Jessica |