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Over the past few years sneakers have really evolved and gone from their original sporty function to fashion staples that have a strong place in every girl's closet. What started out with simple white trainers worn with jeans and bomber jackets has turned into outfits, where the sneaker itself catches the main focus and is being worn with all types of clothing from dresses to suits to everything in between! And for an absolute sneaker lover like me, this is perfect💘

With the fall season arrival new trendy sneaker styles are waiting to be worn. This season it is all about the shoe game where trainers vary from the material to heights and details. Here they are:

Top Six Fall Sneaker Styles To Add To Your Closet

1. Velvet Sneakers

Velvet is the trendiest fabric for fall / winter 2017 and this includes velvet shoes😉 I love the luxurious touch it instantly gives to the whole outfit and how it takes your sneakers to completely another level!

2. Sparkly & Metallic Sneakers

Everything that shines, sparkles or glitters is trendy this fall. So pick up a pair of sequined, bejeweled, glittery or metallic pair of sneakers to add some glam to your fall outfits✨

3. Platform Sneakers

These 90's inspired sneakers take fashion to new heights! Channel your inner school girl and pair platform sneakers with skirts and dresses for a fun fall look.

4. Sock Sneakers

Socks have been on the fashion radar for a few seasons now. What started out with socks worn with trainers moved over to being worn with heels and now to actual sock sneakers!

5. Zipper Sneakers

If you're too lazy to tie laces, try out the zip sneaker trend inspired by the athleisure velcro style where the main character in the shoe is the zipper😉

6. Knitted Sneakers

Knit trainers are probably the most popular sneaker trend you'll see everywhere this fall! Inspired by the Yeezy shoes, their perfect for the sweater weather fall brings💛

Which sneaker trend is your favorite for fall?

coat: H&M
t-shirt: MANGO
leather skirt: H&M (similar)
sneakers: REEBOK


  1. Love these images girl! And these pink sneakers are too cute. A girl can never have too many sneakers so I'm off to check out some of these styles, hehe!

    Ashleigh x

  2. I love this post since I pretty much live in sneakers! Still haven't tried sock sneakers though...

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm exactly the same - a true sneaker lover :P

  3. That Reebok Classic is sooo pretty. I can already think of so many outfits to pair it with.

    Jessica |

    1. Totally! That pinkish metallic shade is so easy to pair with lots of outfits <3

  4. I love this look.The sneakers give a casual touch and I really like the set.


  5. I love your picks. Sneakers have made such an ascendance in the fashion world! Every designer has a pair. I love it!

    1. Thanks Hilary! Sneakers have become such a staple in my closet and glad to see that all the designers are on board and produce so many great ones constantly :)