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It feels like in today's society and social-media-obsessed world where everyone and everything are judged on their appearance, it's easy to get kind of lost and so, feel less worthy. Being constantly connected to the whole world, there's always someone who seems to be smarter, more successful, prettier, happier, wealthier and what not! All theses things inevitably make us feel like we're not enough and make us crave something else, dream of more...

The truth is, none of these things have no relevance in our identity. It’s easy to think that the competition, the drive and the constant comparison turns us into who are, but actually the external factors don't define our identity! More about the 5 factors not to let get to you too much below:

5 Things That Don't Define You

1. Your Career

A career is a thing that always changes. You change jobs as you grow and get smarter or more experienced. Your professions and positions change with your interests and life in general. And so, they never ever define that kind of person you are.

2. Your Education

I believe education plays the smallest role in who we are. Ok it does count in terms of who you hang out with and who are your friends when you are younger for how you behave and so it may define. But when thinking of what kind of grades you finished your high school with or of your university degree (or the lack of it), it really doesn't play a big part in who you are as a person. Someone with zero education but tons of ambition can create so much more than another person with a fancy degree yet no plans on using it to its full advantage...

3. Your Appearance

Of course we dress the way we like and the way that matches the best with who we are, but that's just in terms of style to define ourselves. When speaking, however, about the way we look, there's no way to define us. There will always be someone taller / skinnier / prettier etc, but all of that doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, a pretty face with a bad attitude is a lot worse than a not so pretty face with a heart of gold💫

4. Your Hobbies & Interests

Ok, yes. Our hobbies and interests DO define us cause we are interested in what we like and who we are, as well as take up hobbies in the same field. However, you can never generalise someone only based on their hobby or interest. I think the best example to this is models who are sadly often talked about as stupid and superficial people. And thinking like that is just so wrong! Just because there may be some people like that in the industry, it doesn’t mean that you can't be the smartest, most intelligent person just because you do modelling😉

5. Your Past

People change. You're not the same person you were 10 years ago, so don't judge others by their past either. We all make mistakes, but we change and grow. Past says who we were at the time, but not today. Your past, your decisions and mistakes don't define you.

What do you think defines who we are?