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When it comes to travelling, even thought I adore warm sun and beach getaways, then city breaks have totally won my heart. There's nothing I love more than discovering new places and heading somewhere new, even if it's just for the weekend! Berlin is just the type of city to visit for a little break, since it's got a bit of something for everyone and you're guaranteed to have a great time😉

Being just a 2-hour plane ride away from Tallinn, Richard and I visited Berlin for a week in the beginning of July. We flew there and back with airBaltic (which is always our top choice for short city breaks in Europe) and fell totally in love with this vibrant, multicultural city mixed with great history, varying architecture, street art, music and personalities!

Berlin is a city that has lots to offer to everybody and so here are my top tips for making the most of your trip to Berlin with different reasons to visit the capital of Germany.

20 Reasons To Visit Berlin:

1. To See The Brandenburger Tor

The Branderburg Gate, which was the border between the East and the West Berlin is still one of the top sightseeings in the city, being the iconic landmark of new Germany and a definite must-see!

2. To Walk Along The East Side Gallery

The largest  open-air gallery in the world, The East Side Gallery, is a colorful section of the Berlin Wall that offers a great time walking pass it while admiring the art.

3. To Reach The Top Of Fernsehturm

The TV Tower is the tallest building in Germany and Berlin’s most prominent landmark, where on top is a visitors platform and a revolving restaurant with the best view over the city!

4. To Spend A Day On Museum Island

Berlin has its very own Museum Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a home to five museums with art from 6000 years of history.

5. To Eat Bratwurst

You can't visit Germany without eating its traditional bratwurst! Being Berlin's signature dish, you can have it even at the airport, but sitting at a traditional German restaurant and having some wurst with local beer is a must😉

6. To Go Shopping

Well of course I couldn't leave shopping out of the list! Berlin is a great shopping destination with lots of department stores and different designers and brands represented. Definitely a reason to visit Berlin for all the fashionistas😗

7. To Dance The Night Away

Berlin is known for its nightlife. It's home to one of the worlds best nightclubs, Berghain, which is probably best known for being incredibly hard to get into haha. But you can try! Luckily there are lots of other great bars and clubs to visit for a fun night out.

8. To Go Bike Riding

Amsterdam isn't the only city in Europe with a strong bike-culture😉 Central Berlin is covered with bicycles and well supplied with all sorts of bike-rentals, making it super easy and convenient to discover the city on wheels!

9. To Relax At Tiergarten

Tiergarten is a huge green area in the heart of Berlin with 600 acres of lawns, leafy paths, small creeks and traditional beer gardens. It's a perfect place to spend a summer day!

10. To Swim In Badeshiff Pool

The Badeschiff is a floating pool created from a huge cargo container, situated inside a river. It's a super cool experience and a fun way to spend a hot summer day in Berlin😜

11. To Try Your Escaping Skills From A Labyrinth

Describing itself as the Alice in Wonderland playground for grownups, the Peristal is a huge labyrinth escape game that is made to work on a human person and its development through experience.

12. To Watch Movies In The Park

If you’re in Berlin during the summer, make sure you check out one of the outdoor cinemas for a cool way to watch movies outside in the open air!

13. To Attend Street Food Thursdays

Each Thursday the Markthalle Neun transforms into a huge dining area serving dishes from all over the world. It is sure to give you a great tasting experience and is a paradise to all the foodies!

14. To Take Photos At Photoautomaten

There are little old fashioned photobooths scattered around Berlin, where you can step inside and take fun selfies! They make the perfect souvenir from your trip😉

15. To Explore Teufelsberg

The "Devil's Mountain" is a man-built hill which covers an under-construction Nazi military-technical college and was a former as NSA spy station.

16. To Dine In The Dark

Why not test your taste-buds in Unsicht-Bar, which is a restaurant with a pitch-dark dining room! Your eyes will finally be able to take a well-deserved break. By voluntarily abandoning your visual impulses you will be able to experience what wonderful work your other senses are capable of. A fun experience guaranteed🙈

17. To Bargain At Flea Markets

Berlin frequently helds lots of flea markets where you can find a huge variety of treasures or just cool souvenirs to take home with you!

18. To Take An Elevator In AquaDom

AquaDom is the largest cylindrical fish tank in the world, being 25 meters high and 12 meters in diameter. It contains over one million liters of water, a coral reef, and is home to nearly 2,600 fish from 56 different species. And the best part is that there’s an elevator inside💙

19. To Dance In The Mirrored Ballroom

Situated in the side wing of Clärchens Ballhaus, there is a mirrored ballroom (Spiegelsaal) which still captures the spirit of a long-lost era and is a beautiful sight to see! It’s also a lovely place for dinner.

20. Drive Around In Trabant

Trabant is the famous German car and a symbol of Berlin. It was East Germany’s standard car for more than 30 years until it no longer met safety standards. Nowadays you can take part in Trabi Safaris and actually drive one while your guide sits in the back and explains the city to you.

Have you ever been to Berlin? What are your favorite things to do there?😊


  1. Berlin must be a great place to spend a weekend ! Your blog is gorgeous !

    1. Thank you darling! Berlin is great for a weekend break, especially during summer ;)

  2. What a great post idea! Love it! xx, Erin - www.stylebythepeople.com

    1. Thanks Erin! I'm happy to hear you find it useful <3