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Good evening darlings! As I am sitting here in my pj's at home on the couch, drinking a cup of green tea and thinking back to this week that is coming to an end, I realized I haven't shared with you the outfits I wore back in July that you saw on my Instagram but never made it to the blog. Well, here you are now! With lots of colorful and floral summer looks, I wish you a good night and hope you enjoy your Sunday evening😊 Also, I would love to hear what are your evening routines like? How are you winding down from the day and, better yet, from the week?


  1. Nii Ă€gedad outfitid ja veel Ă€gedam ratas đŸ™€đŸ˜» Mulle meeldib Ă”htuti peale tööd kohe ĂŒks mĂ”nus duĆĄĆĄ vĂ”tta, pidĆŸaama selga panna ja diivanil lösutades arbuusi vĂ”i muud mahlast puuvilja nosida ning netiavarustes ringi surfata. Puuviljad annavad mĂ”nusa vĂ€rskustunde ja tĂ€idavad pĂ€evase vitamiinipuudujÀÀgi, blogid annavad motivatsiooni ja kindlustavad, et saan hea tujuga pĂ€eva lĂ”petada. 😉

    1. AitÀh Elo <3 ja oii kui mÔnusalt Su Ôhturituaal kÔlab!